Databridge Critical Issue: Updates Not Sent to Client

  • 7021925
  • 29-Feb-2016
  • 01-Apr-2018


Databridge version 6.2 SP2 through 6.2 SP2 Hotfix 5
Databridge version 6.3 through 6.3 Hotfix 3


In rare cases, certain updates are not sent to the client. This only occurs when all of the following conditions are true:

  • The Engine is setup to read the active (current) audit file and the Databridge client has use_dbwait set to true.
  • The Engine has reached the logical end of the audit file.
  • The last block ends with a SAM, SAC or SAD record.
  • The actual update (DSM, DSC, DSD) has not yet been written into the next block.
  • The Engine is in a position to commit the transaction group.


Update to version 6.2 SP2 Update 1 (6.2.1851) or 6.3 Update 1 (6.3.1123), available beginning 23-Feb-2016 to maintained customers from the Downloads website. For more information on the update, see KB 7021926 or KB 7021927 respectively.

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