InfoConnect Desktop 16.0 New Features and Release Notes

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  • 29-Oct-2015
  • 01-Apr-2018


InfoConnect Desktop for Unisys version 16.0
InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys version 16.0
InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines version 16.0
InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines version 16.0


InfoConnect Desktop products are a new generation of InfoConnect products. This technical note describes the new features and resolved issues.

Note: InfoConnect Desktop products are redesigned for modern platforms and new capabilities, and separately licensed (not automatically provided with maintenance for INFOConnect Enterprise Edition 9.x products). To obtain InfoConnect Desktop, contact your sales representative ( Existing installations of INFOConnect Enterprise Edition 9.x can continue to apply future 9.x updates as they become available, or upgrade to InfoConnect Desktop 16.0.

Note: Version 16.0 Update 1 released January 2016. For more information, see KB 7021851.


What’s InfoConnect Desktop?

InfoConnect Desktop is the next generation of InfoConnect products. It provides a full-featured desktop application that allows you to run host applications, transfer files, and integrate host data into the latest Windows and Office software applications. Use productivity tools, a customizable user interface, new session deployment options, and new scripting options to simplify interaction with host applications and streamline user tasks.

Note: No changes are required to use existing InfoConnect version 9.x custom configurations. For more information, see “Upgrading From Earlier Versions of InfoConnect” (

New Features

This release includes the following new features.

New Names

  • Micro Focus brand. Attachmate is now part of Micro Focus, and thus you will notice some changes as we bring a consistent user experience across all emulation products:
    • Splash screens and icons have the new Micro Focus brand.
    • For new installations, the default Program Files and User Data Directory folders include Micro Focus as the company name. (If you are upgrading a system that is running an earlier version of InfoConnect, the Setup program detects the prior version and installs using your existing folders.)
    • The Attachmate Customization Tool (ACT) has been renamed the Installation Customization Tool (ICT) as it is now being used with other products in the Micro Focus portfolio.
  • InfoConnect Desktop product names. The InfoConnect Desktop product line introduces new product names:
    This new product
    Supports the same hosts as this predecessor product
    InfoConnect Desktop for Unisys
    INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys
    InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys
    INFOConnect Enterprise Edtion for Unisys, IBM and Open Systems
    InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines
    INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines
    InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines
    INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines, IBM and Open Systems
  • New version number. Version 16.0 aligns with Reflection Desktop, a separate Micro Focus product line that also supports many of the features introduced with this version of InfoConnect.

Key Enhancements

  • InfoConnect Desktop Workspace: The InfoConnect Accessory Manager has been replaced by the InfoConnect Desktop Workspace. The Workspace offers a choice of four user interface modes: Ribbon (similar to Microsoft Office products), Browser (a look and feel similar to the latest Web browsers), TouchUx (designed for use on mobile devices with Citrix XenApp/Receiver), and Classic MDI (similar to the multiple document interface used in InfoConnect Accessory Manager in earlier versions). Each interface can be customized to meet individual needs, and administrators can deploy customized versions to users. In addition, you can organize multiple sessions into a tabbed session view, similar to modern browsers.

For help getting started with the new look, see “Things You Might be Looking For” (

  • Search host screens and the InfoConnect Workspace: Use the Search box in the main Workspace window to find content on the current host screen or in screen history. Use the navigation and Search bar in InfoConnect dialog boxes to locate application settings.
  • Updated InfoConnect Manager: INFOConnect Manager 32 has been renamed and has an updated user interface.
  • Updated product help: InfoConnect help no longer uses Windows Help (*.hlp) files. HTML-based Help is now provided by default from the Web. You also have the option of installing local help files and configuring InfoConnect to use the installed help.
  • Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) integration: Management and Security Server (licensed separately) is an upgrade of the Reflection Security Gateway server product. It can be used to centrally manage and distribute custom host sessions and other InfoConnect Desktop configuration files. When Centralized Management is configured in the InfoConnect Workspace, users who start the Workspace authenticate to the MSS server. Sessions and packages configured and assigned to users from the MSS Administrative WebStation are then downloaded automatically to user workstations.
  • Updated platform support: Tested for the following:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 logo certification
    • Microsoft Windows 8 logo certification
    • Microsoft Windows 7 logo certification
    • VMware Ready logo for Applications specification
    • Citrix Ready logo specification

For supported platform information, see also KB 7021850.

  • Microsoft Office Integration: The Office integration productivity features in InfoConnect Desktop have now been tested with Office 2013 and Office 2016 (32- and 64-bit) as well as earlier Office releases. You can create an Outlook email message or Word document from host screen contents, or create a PowerPoint presentation from screen history.
  • Plus Mode: InfoConnect Desktop Pro products include a limited Plus Mode screen designer, which allows you to customize green screens for IBM 3270 and 5250 sessions by dragging and dropping modern controls. This feature modernizes the user experience to boost user productivity.

Security Features

  • Information Privacy: Use Micro Focus patent-pending data masking technology to strengthen security and enable PCI DSS compliance.
  • Trusted locations: InfoConnect Desktop introduces a new level of security by configuring trusted locations by default and requiring that session files and macros run from a designated trusted location.
  • Permissions Manager: Administrators can use the Permissions Manager to lock down InfoConnect Workspace user interface features.
  • TLS 1.2 in FIPS mode: Encrypted TLS 1.2 sessions can now be run in FIPS mode. (For more information about FIPS mode, see KB 7021285.)
  • SHA256 certificates: InfoConnect now supports SHA-256-signed certificates for authentication in SSL/TLS and SSH sessions.
  • PKI authentication: The PKI Challenge authentication protocol is now supported to PKI-enable automated application sign-on to your critical enterprise systems. (This feature requires the PKI Auto Sign-On Add-On Client, which is licensed separately, and additional host code from Micro Focus.)

New Automation Options

  • Visual Basic for Applications: InfoConnect now uses Visual Basic for Applications for macro support. Automate routine tasks and integrate host applications with web or Windows desktop applications—all on the familiar VBA platform. VBA macros have the ability to be used across multiple sessions.

Note: The macro recorder now uses VBA, but you can also continue to run and edit CASL and Extra! Basic macros.

  • .NET API: With InfoConnect Desktop, you can now create custom applications the Micro Focus .NET API. Leverage the robust and secure .NET API to customize terminal sessions and exchange data between Windows, web, and host applications. Use the embeddable .NET control to display a green screen session within a Windows form and build additional functionality around the host application without changing the application on the host side.

Note: Legacy APIs (including IHLLAPI and the OLE Automation API) are still supported, so you can continue to run existing applications, but develop new applications using the .NET API.

  • Events Mapper: InfoConnect Desktop Pro products include a new Events Mapper for configuring events in 3270, 5250, and VT sessions. Using the Events Mapper, you can associate events with a command, macro, terminal keystroke, or any combination of these.

Other Improvements

  • Compound session documents: All session configurations (themes, keyboard maps, ribbons, etc.) can be stored in a single file.
  • PTR Status: A new option for viewing PTR status within the Workspace window is now available. (You can also continue to view PTR Status using the PTR System Tray.)

Obtaining the Software

InfoConnect Desktop products are separately licensed (not automatically provided with maintenance for INFOConnect Enterprise Edition 9.x products). To obtain InfoConnect Desktop, contact your sales representative (

Additional Information

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