Reflection X Advantage 16.1 - New Features and Release Notes

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  • 27-Feb-2017
  • 25-Mar-2018


Reflection X Advantage version 16.1


This technical note lists the features and fixes in Reflection X Advantage (RXA) version 16.1, released in February 2017. This version is included with the 16.1 versions of Reflection Desktop for X and Reflection Desktop Pro.


This release includes features and fixes previously released in version 5.1 Update 1, as described in KB 7021838, plus additional features and fixes described below.

New Features

  • The RXA version has been changed to coincide with the version numbers for the Reflection and InfoConnect Desktop products. (The previous release of RXA was version 5.1.)
  • The certificate “Friendly name” value was moved to the first column in the Select User Key dialog box displayed when using x509 smart cards to make it easier for users to decide which certificate to use.
  • The number of most recently used items in the Domain list (on the Logon dialog box) was increased from 5 to 10 for both the X Administrative Console and X Manager for Domains.
  • Kerberos support for SSH via GSSAPI was added.
  • RXA was hardened to prevent denial of service attacks and guard against socket read spinning when incomplete requests are received.
  • Added the Consolidate mouse clicks setting to address problems with double-click behavior over latent connections. When this feature is enabled, mouse click events are collected for a prescribed interval and then processed after this time has elapsed.  This allows for easier detection of multi click operations (double-click or triple-click) in environments where detection of these operations is not always reliable. This is particularly useful for virtualization environments such as Citrix.
  • Added the ability to redirect large dump files (such as those with the extension of .hprof) from the installation folder to a custom folder. This is done by setting the ArtifactsDir property in the file.
  • Logging has been enhanced to include information about memory usage, connections, and other items.

Security Features and Updates

  • Updated the JavaInstaller to version 8u102 to address java vulnerabilities.
  • Updated RSA BSAFE SSL-J and RSA BSAFE Crypto-J versions to 6.2.2.
  • Updated Java Runtimes for RXA to the latest available versions for specific platforms.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed X Manager preferences to load regardless of whether a session UUID is missing from the registry or has an invalid UUID. When missing or invalid values are encountered, they are replaced with a valid default value and a warning message is logged.
  • Fixed excessive memory usage that caused some Domain sessions to temporarily freeze.
  • Corrected problems with connecting via smart card authentication. The user certificates were not listed because RXA was filtering out certificates on the card that should have been shown.
  • Corrected performance issues encountered when switching between workspaces.
  • Fixed problem with X Manager for Domains sessions disconnecting and displaying "Out of Sync" messages when terminating certain clients.
  • Fixed inaccuracies with mouse pointing and selection that occurred after a window was resized.
  • Optimized drawing operations to improve performance when updating text fields.
  • Fixed problems associated with drawing windows. Some windows were not drawn until the mouse pointer moved over their screen positions. Other windows had black areas or were repeated in other areas.
  • Changed the default to allow as many as 2000 users to log on to a domain at a time. (For some applications, the old default, 100, caused the Production Domain Controller to temporarily “freeze” or drop sessions.)
  • Fixed problems related to closing a window so that only the window in focus is closed. Before this fix, on certain applications, closing a window caused other windows to close.
  • Added functionality to save window positions so that modal windows open on the screen position they were located on when they were closed. Previously, changes to screen position were not saved when the windows were closed and they opened in their original position.
  • Corrected memory leak problems that occurred when running or joining multiple sessions in a single instance of X Manager for Domains. A failure to shut down an X server no longer results in memory leaks.
  • Fixed problems that resulted in "Servers out of sync" errors when users join and take control of sessions.
  • Fixed problems with cleanup actions that occurred when a domain handled by a Domain Controller went down. The Domain Connection Lost dialog box no longer blocks cleanup actions.
  • Fixed problem with the Alt key remaining in the pressed state when returning to an X client after using the Windows Alt -Tab task switcher.
  • Fixed problems with running an XDMCP broadcast after starting an XDMCP connection. This no longer opens two "Select XDMCP Host" dialog windows or freezes RXA windows.
  • Corrected display of user keys for PKCS11. Only a single row is now displayed for each certificate when a smart card is used.

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