Reflection X 14.x Native 64-bit Support

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  • 06-Sep-2013
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Reflection X version 14.x
Reflection Suite for X version 14.x


This technical note lists Reflection X for x64 native 64-bit applications and how to install them.


Native 64-bit Support

A native 64-bit version of Reflection X for x64 Edition is provided with Reflection X 14.x and Reflection Suite for X 14.x. Reflection X for x64 version 14.x is designed to work with the 64-bit systems listed in the supported platforms KB 7021763.

Reflection X for x64 includes the following native 64-bit applications:

Reflection X
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS
Reflection FTP Client

Macros Not Supported

Macro functionality is not available in the 64-bit version of Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS; VBA and Reflection Basic (RB) are not native 64-bit. If you need macro functionality, use the 32-bit Reflection X product.

How to Install Reflection X for x64

The native 64-bit applications are a separate installation option. To install, select "Reflection X for x64" from the Install Reflection list during the Reflection X or Reflection Suite for X product installation (as shown below).

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Figure 1 - Reflection X for x64 Install Option Figure 1 - Reflection X for x64 Install Option

After installing the 64-bit applications, for subsequent service pack updates, you must obtain and install the service pack specifically for Reflection X for x64. For more information, see KB 7021736.

Reflection X Advantage

Reflection X Advantage, available separately from Reflection X 14.x, is Java-based (not a native Windows-based product) and includes support for 64-bit operating systems with 64-bit Java 7 runtime environment (JRE). For more information about Reflection X Advantage, see Reflection X Advantage Technical Resources,

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