3270 Printer Session Freezes when Printing to HP Printer Appliance

  • 7021791
  • 30-Sep-2009
  • 02-Mar-2018


EXTRA! X-treme version 8.0 through 9.0 SP2


If you have a printer on an HP printer appliance, and you choose that printer from the drop-down list in the EXTRA! printer setup dialog box, the dialog box freezes. You cannot click Apply or OK; you have to end the process using the Windows Task Manager.

Note: File > Print Screen functionality is not affected by this issue.


This issue has been resolved in EXTRA! X-treme 9.1. For more information on upgrading to version 9.1, see KB 7021375.

If you cannot upgrade to 9.1, you can work around this issue by setting the printer on the HP printer appliance as the default Microsoft Windows printer, and then select Default in the EXTRA! printer dialog box.

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