Host Access Management and Security Server 12.2 - Release Notes

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  • 29-Oct-2015
  • 02-Mar-2018


Host Access Management and Security Server version 12.2


Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) version 12.2, the successor to Reflection Security Gateway 2014, released October 2015. This technical note presents the product features, known issues, and additional resource information.

This technical note includes the following topics:


Micro Focus became aware of a serious security vulnerability in this product that could lead to an information disclosure from the server(s) where it is installed. This vulnerability has been corrected in Host Access Management and Security Server version 12.2.342. See for more information.


Features Introduced in Version 12.2

Host Access Management and Security Server 12.2 is the upgrade product for Reflection Security Gateway 2014 R2 and provides a new management console for Reflection for the Web.

Features include the ability to:

  • Centrally manage, secure, and monitor users' access to mainframes and other hosts.
  • Manage several products including Extra, InfoConnect, Reflection Desktop, Reflection ZFE, Reflection for the Web, and Rumba.
  • Manage Reflection Desktop and InfoConnect Desktop without Java on the desktop.
  • Augment Management and Security Server’s functionality with add-on products, including:
Security Proxy Server
Terminal ID Management
Automated Sign-On for Mainframe
PKI Automated Sign-On

Additional Enhancements

Obtaining the Product

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Downloads website at

For more information on using Downloads, see KB 7021965.

For information about purchasing Management and Security Server, contact your sales representative (

Installing or Upgrading

For information about installing or upgrading to Management and Security Server, and any add-on products, see the Installation Guide at

Known Issues

  • In the installer, on the Select Components page, the Security Proxy Server option is not selected by default if you do not have the optional Security Proxy Add-On entitlement.

If the Security Proxy Server is selected and installed without the proper licensing and activation, the “Micro Focus MSS Security Proxy” Windows service is configured with a Startup type of “Manual” and the service is not started. Attempts to start the service will result in errors that are reported in the Security Proxy Server’s log file and the Windows “System” Event log.

To enable the Security Proxy server to start and be started automatically, you must install the Security Proxy Add-On activation file. To purchase Security Proxy Add-On, contact your sales representative (

  • During the upgrade of security proxy-only machines (typically from Reflection Security Gateway 2014), the following error message may be erroneously displayed and can be safely ignored.
An unexpected error occurred and a directory could not be moved to its new location. When the installer has completed, you will need to move this directory manually.
Move from: C:\Program Files\Attachmate\ReflectionServer\apache-tomcat\webapps\rweb\ex\supportfiles
Move to: C:\Program Files\Attachmate\ReflectionServer\apache-tomcat\webapps\mss\ex\supportfiles
  • After a manual “no JRE” installation, neither the HttpsCertificateUtility nor the MssSecurityProxy run by default because of file permissions.
  • To install on a Solaris/SPARC 64 platform, contact Technical Support ( for manual instructions.
  • This is the last version to support 32-bit platforms. In future releases, 32-bit platforms will no longer be supported.


For product documentation, technical notes, and additional information, see

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