Reflection Security Gateway 2014 New Features and Release Notes

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Reflection Security Gateway 2014 (All Editions)


This technical note lists the product enhancements in Reflection Security Gateway 2014, and includes release notes about known issues and additional resource information.

Note: A newer version of this product, Reflection Security Gateway 2014 R2, released February 2015. For details, see KB 7022085.


New Features in Reflection Security Gateway 2014

Reflection Security Gateway 2014 R1 includes the following:

  • Support for Java 7 for both client and servers, and smoother integration with new Java security features.

Java detection is disabled by default. This change enables the Reflection clients to start more quickly on user desktops, and may avoid some Java 7 pop-up messages.

If you want to enable Java detection, open Administrative WebStation, and click Settings. On the General tab, click Enable Java version detection. The text describes situations where Java detection can be useful.

  • Support for TLS 1.2.
  • Support for SHA 256 hash algorithms.
  • Package Manager.

Enables administrators to automatically deploy MSI packages that include toolbars, macros, and other configuration elements for Windows-based sessions by associating each package with a user or group of users.

  • Activation files.

Activation files enable you to easily upgrade from a product evaluation to a production deployment. You can also supplement the currently installed product with support for additional session types without restarting the Management Server.

For example, if you installed Reflection Security Gateway to support your Windows-based Attachmate product sessions, you can add Reflection for the Web for thin client support by using an activation file.

  • Improved log file format.

Logs have been improved to simplify troubleshooting and monitoring of events and errors, and to use a widely known XML schema for smoother integration with management frameworks. Events are sequenced so that order can be determined even for events that occurred in the same millisecond.

Automated systems that monitor log files from previous product versions may have to be adapted to work with the new log format. See KB 7021592 for more information about the new log format.

  • Reflection PKI Services Manager 1.3, a service that provides certificate validation services, is now available with Reflection Security Gateway 2014. For an overview of Reflection PKI Services Manager, see KB 7021870.
  • Support for Windows Single Sign-on NTLM version 2.
    • Support for IBM and VT sessions, ID Manager, and the security proxy server (including secure token authorization) in INFOConnect 9.2. Also includes support for using the metering server to track usage of INFOConnect sessions.
    • Support for IBM and VT sessions, ID Manager, metering, and the security proxy server (including secure token authorization) in EXTRA! 9.3. Also includes support for using the metering server to track usage of EXTRA! sessions.
  • Support for configuring FIPS for Reflection X Advantage sessions.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8.

Known Issues

This section describes known issues in Reflection Security Gateway 2014. If you encounter an issue, contact Attachmate Technical Support for information about a potential update to resolve the issue or configuration changes to work around the issue.

  • If a user attempts to log in to the Reflection management server using an Active Directory account that has been disabled, the mechanism that logs a message in the trace log may not function properly, and the log message may not contain some information relevant to troubleshooting the problem.
  • Client certificates may not be able to be read from smart cards when used with a non-default JCE provider.

Reflection Security Gateway 2014 Limited Edition

Reflection Security Gateway 2014 Limited Edition is available only as a component of Reflection Enterprise Suite 2014. The Limited Edition has the same components as Reflection Security Gateway 2014, except that it does not include the Reflection Security Proxy Server, and manages only Reflection 2014 emulation clients for IBM, UNIX and OpenVMS, and HP host types.

Obtaining Your Product

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Download Library web site:

For more information on using the Download Library, see KB 7021965.

For information about purchasing Reflection Security Gateway 2014, please e-mail us:

Installing Your Product

For information about installing your product, see the Reflection Security Gateway 2014 Installation Guide:

Additional Resources

For more information about Reflection Security Gateway 2014, see the Technical Resources page:


Reflection Security Gateway 2014 Installation Guide is available on the Attachmate Support site:

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