Verastream Bridge Integrator 5.0 New Features and Release Notes

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  • 09-Apr-2015
  • 02-Mar-2018


Verastream Bridge Integrator version 5.0


This technical note describes new features and release notes for Verastream Bridge Integrator (VBI) version 5.0, available April 2015.


What’s New in Version 5.0?

This release includes the previous 4.1 updates (see, plus the following new updates:

Known Issues

For information about known issues with Verastream Bridge Integrator, see KB 7021351.

If you encounter an issue in Verastream Bridge Integrator 5.0, contact Attachmate Technical Support for information about either a potential update to resolve the issue or configuration changes to work around the issue.

Obtaining and Installing Your Product Update

Customers with a current maintenance plan are eligible to download Verastream Bridge Integrator 5.0 from Attachmate Downloads at For more information on using Downloads, see KB 7021965.

For information about installing VBI 5.0, see

Note: The product download is a full product package that can be used for new installations or to upgrade existing installations.

Technical Resources

For more information about Verastream Bridge Integrator, see the Technical Resources page:

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