Unable to Connect to the GroupWise System Using the Cache

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  • 30-Jun-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Reveal 2


When connecting to the GroupWise system the 'Retrieve all objects from the cache file' option is grayed out.


There are two possibilities that this is happening. 
a) The Novell Client user that is currently logged in, does not have the rights to retrieve objects from the cache file


b) The cache file is missing.
Take the following steps to fix this problem:

1) Make sure the logged in user has proper rights.
This link explains what rights a user must have, and how to make sure that the correct user is logged in:
2) Check domain directory for the cache file.
Browse to and open the domain directory.  Look for the cache file named "gwsystem.xml" as shown below:

If this file is missing from this directory, Reveal will have no information cached, and will not be able to retrieve objects from a cache. 
3) Log in using the Live GroupWise System.
Now log in by selecting 'Retrieve all objects from the 'live' GroupWise system and (re)create the cache file for other users.'

Doing this will then recreate that cache file, and Reveal will be able to retrieve objects from the cache.
4) Restart Reveal and try again.
To ensure that the cache file was recreated, repeat step 2, and make sure that the gwsystem.xml file is in the domain directory.

Then, try to connect to the GroupWise system by retrieving the objects from the cache file, to make sure that Reveal has properly recreated the cache.

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