Slow browser or browser script errors

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  • 07-Nov-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 on NetWare, Linux


My GWAVA Web Management is slow. I'm getting script errors on my browser while using GWAVA Web Management.


1) Sometimes the cache and/or cookies can become corrupt on the browser.  Try flushing the browser's cache and cookies and then refreshing GWAVA Manager. 

2) Large number of filters and exceptions entries not only causes GWAVA Web Manager to run slower, but also increase the load to the server since a lot of entries have to be read from the database.  GWAVA4 uses a new scan engine which was designed to run with minimal effort from Administrators.  Having numerous filters and exceptions is usually unnecessary and often leads to confusion as Administrators forget what filters or exceptions are in place when troubleshooting why an email was blocked or was not blocked.

Proper configuration of automatic SPAM & HAM training will mean GWAVA4 can effectively learn on it's own how to properly classify mail.  The following PDF file provides a guide on how to configure GWAVA4:

The following TID provides further help with proper conversation tracking setup:

After setting up automatic SPAM and HAM training, clean out all unnecessary filters and exceptions through GWAVA Web Manager.  Entries like 'viagra' and 'sex' are unneeded since GWAVA4 will be fed more than enough samples with those keywords included to be able to effectively catch them by itself. 

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