Why Two Outbound Scan Settings

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  • 09-Oct-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 (build 106 or later) on NetWare or Linux


Why is there two inbound/outbound scan settings? 

How can I enable Conversation Tracking/Signatures without scanning outbound mail?


The mail interface needs to be set to pass incoming and outgoing mail to the GWAVA4 GWIA scanner.  The mail interface does not actually do any scanning; but instead is the transport to pass mail to and from GroupWise GWIA and GWAVA4.  You can find the mail interface settings in the following location:

Make sure Scan Inbound Mail and Scan Outbound Mail are both checked.

You can configure the GWAVA4 GWIA scanner independently.  The incoming and outgoing settings to the scanner itself determine whether the mail will be checked for spam, viruses, etc..  Allowing the scanner configuration to be independent of the mail interface configuration allows the freedom to enable conversation tracking and/or Signatures but not also require the mail to be scanned. 

The GWAVA4 GWIA scanner configurations can be found here:

Always have Enable Inbound Scanning enabled so that incoming mail is properly filtered.  Having Enable Outbound Scanning is optional, and usually isn't required.   

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