Reload Fails to Perform Backup After Initial Install

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  • 15-Jul-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload 3.x
Linux 64 bit


After installing a new 64 bit server, Reload fails to complete a backup.  What would be causing Reload to fail?


In order to determine the exact reason for the failure, the Agent logs will need to be consulted.  A job must be scheduled and run in order to view the latest Agent log.  When the Job first tries to backup the Post Office, the Agent logs show the following error:
gre_dbs_cp_3_PO command fails when trying to load the shared libraries:
This error indicates that the the Linux Operating System did not have the 32-bit libraries installed. 

Follow these steps to install the 32-bit tools:

1) Log in to the Reload Server.

2) Launch YaST.
YaST is the SuSE version of Control Panel.
3) Select Software.
4) Select Software Management.
5) Search for libstd.
Search for the phrase libstd.  Click Search.
6) Install compat-libstdc++.
The search should return a few results.  One of the options should be compat-libstdc++.  This package has the 32-bit program files that are needed for 32-bit programs to run on a 64-bit OS.  libstdc++ should already be checked as this is the standard C++ Library for the 64-bit OS.

Check the box for compat-libstdc++.

Click Accept to install the package.

This should launch the install of the package.

When the installation is finished, click No to finish the installation procedure.

7) Start Reload Job.
Log in to the Reload Administration Console by typing reload in a terminal.  Select Jobs and click OK or hit Enter.

Select Start and Select OK or hit Enter.


Select Standard Backup.  Select OK.

After selecting OK, the job should be triggered so that it can run.

If this does not solve the problem then here are some other articles that may help:

Backups don't complete; Retry Count [5] Exceeded

If neither of these things work then please call Reload Support at 801-437-5678.

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