Migrated GWAVA to a New Server and Now Digests are Not Going Out

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  • 25-May-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


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I've recently moved GWAVA from one server to another by moving the gwavaman.db (where settings are located) and now digests are not going out.


If you recently moved GWAVA to a new server and the digests are not going out, then the qms_digest.db didn't get moved over. You can either put the settings back in manually (if you no longer have access to the old GWAVA server you will need to do this) or copy the db from the old GWAVA server to the new one by doing the following:

1) From the old GWAVA server get a copy of the qms_digest.db located in ...gwava/services/qms/data.

2) Shut the QMS down on the new GWAVA server.
For Linux type: rcgwavaman stop gwavaqms

For Windows:
1) Open Services

2) Right click on GWAVA Quarantine and choose stop
3) Rename existing qms_digest.db, located in ...gwava/services/qms/data.

4) Replace with qms_digest.db from the old GWAVA server.

5) Start QMS back up.

For Linux type: rcgwavaman start gwavaqms

For Windows, right click on GWAVA Quarantine in Services and choose start.

Digests should start working for messages blocked after this point.

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