How To Create A CSV File To Import Into Vertigo

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  • 08-Oct-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


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How do you create a CSV file to import  and change the User Properties using Vertigo?


Importing a CSV file into Vertigo is a simple and quick feature to change multiple User Properties at once. However, the CSV file must be setup a specific way before the changes will take affect in Vertigo. To setup a CSV follow these instructions: 1)  Connect to the GroupWise system using Vertigo. 2)  Select the system name at the top of the tree. 3)  Click the users tab. Within this window will show all of the users with the User Properties. Take note of the category or categories you wish to change for each user. 4)  Open up a blank text document (notepad, workpad, textpad etc...) 5) The very top line of this file will be the categories you wish to modify. It is required to have an "Account" category, so type that first. Type the categories in with quotes surrounding them and each category separated by a comma. The categories must be exact with the categories within the Vertigo program. Note: The categories are case sensitive. 6) Underneath each category enter in the new data surrounded by quotes for each Account. It will look something like this: "Account",    "Department",      "Preferred EMail ID" "user1",        "Sales",                    "" "user2",        "Sales",                    "" "user3",        "Sales",                    "" "user4",        "Sales",                    "" "user5",        "Sales",                    "" "user6",        "Management",       " "user7",        "Sales",                    "" "user8",        "Support",               "" Note: Make sure you have quotes around each value and each one must be separated by a comma. 7) Save the file as a CSV file. 8) Import the CSV file into Vertigo. To import click here.

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