List of Commonly Seen GWAVA Threads and What They Do

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  • 22-Jul-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


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What are the commonly seen threads that GWAVA uses, and what do they do? Answer/


CT_scanproc - This is a container for the scan.  It will pop up when a scan starts and stops. If you are experiencing problems with this thread please see this Knowledgebase Article: GWAVA Abending on CT_scanproc GWAVA_rgxcmpw - Compares the old pcr's against the current configuration to see if they need to be recompiled. (Everything is in pcr files, text filters, exceptions, fingerprinting, attachments, etc..) abrwfp - Autoblocker rip-words-from-parts.  Pulls words out of the message for use in the dictionaries. Used in training/learning. asrwfp - Asengine rip-words-from-parts.  Pulls words out to compare to dictionaries. AddNewConfig - Asengine uses this thread to load new dictionary configs.  This occurs every 2 hours. ClientHandler -  The module used for communication by the server processes (gwava, gwavaman, qms ,etc.). procgwavacmd - Used when one gwava module tells another gwava module to do something for it,  for example, gwvgwia asking gwava to load an engine. ct_sprep_prepmsd - Used for deconstructing the mime into scannable pieces.  If you are experiencing problems with this thread please see this Knowledgebase Article: GWAVA abending on ct_sprep_prepmsd IPE10 - IP extraction. When RBL, SURBL,  or IP Rep has to parse the IPs out of a message in order to do those scans shtmlrenderloop - Prepares a page to be viewed in the UI (GWAVA management console/QMS)  In other words, it renders the page into HTML. dbinit - Used when connecting to any db on startup. keepup2date - Kaspersky updater for Linux only.  This will run every hour. CT_scanfin - Closes the mime source file, cleans up any temporary files, and completes the scan.  Basic cleanup routine. ASClHndlr - client handler for ASengine ExceptScanPrep - Pulls configuration data, and compiles all of the pcr's.  If this thread is causing high utilization, it is usually because of watermarks. RBLLookup - DNS query for RBL

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