Redline Communication Errors

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  • 07-Sep-2007
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What do the Redline Communication Errors mean?


- Control Center IP Error

The Redline Agent tried to communicate with the Control Center and could not get there or receive at response. Insure that the IP address in the rlagent.conf file to the Control Center matches the IP address the Control Cener is setup to function on. Restart the Agent. If this does not work, check firewall(s), something is blocking the communication line.

DEP_ERR - Dependency Error

The monitoring agent requires another componant to be enabled and functioning (GWAVA cannot be monitored if the MTA is not functional). Make sure the IP address for the agent is correct, and the parent agent is being monitored, functional, and error free. Sometimes on startup of the Redline Agent, the MTA may not be quite ready when the agent tries to monitor GWAVA. This can result in a DEP_ERR. Wait a minute, the press Shift-F6 to force a manual monitor loop. DO NOT perform this step excessively! Too much HTTP information at once can cause problems with network bandwidth.

Note:  GWAVA can show a DEP_ERR even in circumstances when the MTA is completely fine

CONN_ERR - Connection Error

The Redline Agent tried to connect to the componant(s) it was configured to monitor and failed. Check IP addresses, insure the monitored agent is up and running. Check firewalls and possibly BorderManager if using. If changes to the rlagent.conf are necessary, save the file, unload the Redline Agent and restart.[/list][/url]

AUTH_ERR - Authentication Error

The username and/or password supplied in the rlagent.conf file is incorrect. Check the username/password in ConsoleOne and then in the rlagent.conf. Then retry. Sometimes after applying a change in ConsoleOne, it can take some time before the change filters through the GroupWise system. In this case, wait a minute and then try again.

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