Running Multiple Simultaneous Scanners

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  • 02-Jul-2008
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GWAVA 4 (all builds) on Netware and Linux


Can I run more than one GWAVA scanner simultaneously?


There are a few possible scenarios for multi-scanner GWAVA systems.  Let's go over each:

Note:  this document discusses MTA and GWIA scanners primarily.  A POA scanner added to any one of these scenarios shouldn't make a difference.

1)  One GWIA scanner and one MTA scanner - this scenario presents no compatibility issues with GWAVA, however, most customers will find this setup redundant.  Usually, scanning at the GWIA level is sufficient.  MTA scanners are less efficient than GWIA scanners and we recommend not using them, if possible.  This scenario would be useful if you want to block messages using a different configurations at the MTA and GWIA levels.  Note:  an MTA scanner will not scan internal mail within the same post office.

2)  Two scanners of the same type (GWIA or MTA) scanning different GroupWise agents - you can create as many GWIA or MTA scanners as you want in GWAVA 4, as long as each scanner is scanning a different GroupWise agent.  As long as your server(s) can handle the load, there is no limit to the number of scanners you can use at the same time.

3)  Two scanners of the same type scanning the same GroupWise agent (IMPORTANT) - this is the scenario that is most problematic.  You NEVER want to have two GWIA scanners monitoring the same GWIA or two MTA scanners scanning the same MTA.  Although your mail will probably be processed, GWAVA will have errors and managing both scanners will be difficult.  The only plausible way for this scenario to work is if one scanner is setup to scan only outbound mail and one scanner is setup to scan only inbound mail.

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