"Conflicting Effective Users" Error When Loading POA on Reload Server (Access, Restore, and Disaster Recovery)

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  • 05-Apr-2013
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload 311175 to 401080


Access Mode, Restore Mode, and Disaster Recovery POAs fail to load.  The agent log shows an error, "Conflicting effective users" and the POA unloads. Novell's technical information document # 7010277 states that the "conflicting effective users" error when loading a GroupWise agent is only an issue with the GroupWise 2012 shipping version (12.0.0.xxxx) and in GW 8.0.2 SP3.  Apparently those two versions are not supported on SLES SP2; thus, this issue only affects Reload on a SLES11 SP2 server running the GroupWise 2012 agents (Reload does not install the GW 8.0.2 SP3 agents).


The issue was resolved in GroupWise 2012 SP1.  Upgrade to the latest version of Reload (401100 or later), which includes the GroupWise 2012 SP1 agents. 

It is important to note that, if the GroupWise 2012 shipping agents are already installed on the Reload server, Reload will not attempt to uninstall them and replace them with the 2012 SP1 during the Reload upgrade.  To cause Reload to replace your GroupWise software, launch the Reload administration console and select System | GroupWise.  Press ENTER on the GroupWise 2012 entry (even though it is already selected with the asterisk " * ").  After a few minutes, the 2012 SP1 code should be installed.  To verify, type "rpm -qa | grep groupwise" at a console prompt.

Another option is to manually upgrade the GroupWise software on the Reload server from your own GroupWise software inventory.

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