How to uninstall, and reinstall GroupWise Disaster Recovery

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  • 30-Mar-2009
  • 19-Mar-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise)


How can I uninstall the GroupWise Disaster Recovery software package, and then  reinstall?


Uninstalling and reinstalling the software can be a helpful troubleshooting step for certain problems that may occur with the software. It can also be used to revert back to an older build of GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) 

Here are the steps to uninstall the GWDR Software Package, and then re-install it.

Open up a terminal session on the GWDRserver, or an SSH session to the GWDR server
  1. Run the GWDR Uninstall utility from the following directory:  /opt/beginfinite/reload/ (./uninstall)
  2. Select the option to uninstall. 
  3. *Type in the command: reloadu
  4. This will download and install the GWDR Software Package from the Internet

* NOTE:  If the GWDR server's connection to the Internet goes through a proxy (and it isn't transparent or for some reason GWDR cannot establish an HTTP connection), refer to our KB article: How to Manually Upgrade GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Due to Proxy or Unable to Establish an HTTP Connection)

For older builds of GWDR (Reload) the command: rpm -e reload  or rpm -e gwdr will also run an install. 

The query rpm -qa |grep reload (gwdr) * can also show you which packages are installed. 

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