Restoring Mail From A Tar File Fails With Restore Mode

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  • 22-Jul-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


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My production Groupwise system is running on Linux. I have been saving my old Reload backups to tape, as tar files. I needed to restore some email items, but Restore Mode fails.

The needed tar file was copied from tape to the Reload server, and then untarred.

From the Reload Console Administration I went to:

1) Access Backups-> Post Office Profile-> [select the profile]

2) Browsed to the directory where the tar was untarred.

3) Loaded the Restore Mode POA. 

All users fail when trying to go to File | open backup from the GroupWise client. Backups that haven't been moved from their original location work.


Copy the untarred portable directory into the ../<profile dir>/backups/ (original location) directory.

Restore Mode uses permanent nfs client/server mounts. The backups are being looked for in a specific location that was configured in Console One when Restore Mode was configured.

If the untarred portable is placed in a location other than the original location, the backup can't be accessed by the Groupwise client because the client is configured to look for the restore area in the ../restore/ directory.

The nfs client mount (on the GroupWise server) is pointing to the nfs server mount (on the Reload server). The nfs server mount is pointing to the profile directory on the Reload server. In Console one the path is pointing to the /<nfs client mount>/connect/restore/ so the backup will only be looked for in the restore directory.

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