Can We Send The Password Email At The End Of The Migration Process?

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  • 19-May-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Migration Toolkit User Migrator


Can we send the new Exchange Random Password email once the full migration is done?


In the User Migrator, under Other Settings, you have the option to have the user migrator tool create a random or default password for each user and send an email to the user with that password. 
You will want to set the SMTP Settings to the original mail server so the users can read the mail, sending the mail to the new server makes it rather difficult for the users to read it.
Unfortunately, the only time you can send that password email is during the initial user creation process. So the best way to use this tool would be, once you have completed your testing, to create a user only .CSV with all your users you wish to migrate but without resource, equipment, room or other non-user accounts. Those should be done in a separate process
 On the other hand, the user random passwords are saved to the user .CSV, so it would be a simple mail-merge operation with a spreadsheet to create the emails for each user that you could send at a later date.

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