Reload Migration or Backup Jobs Stall After Launching Dbcopy

  • 7019389
  • 11-Jun-2013
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload 3.11180 - 4.01080 on SLES 11 SP2


Customer's migration job kept stalling after Reload mounts to the destination post office and launches dbcopy to back up the databases (user/msg).  This issue could also apply to a stalled backup job.


Upgraded to the latest version of Reload (4.01100) and the issue went away. 

The customer had Reload 4.01080 running on SLES 11 SP2 and was backing up GroupWise 2012.  Reload versions 3.11180 to 4.01080 included the GroupWise 2012 initial shipping release of dbcopy and the agents.  This version of GroupWise was not certified for SLES 11 SP2.  This issue was resolved in GroupWise 2012 SP1, which Reload 4.01100 includes.

Additional Information

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