How to Restore Documents in Document Management (DMS)

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  • 02-Jul-2013
  • 30-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


How does a user restore a missing document from GroupWise DMS?


This first requires that Reload be configured to back up the GroupWise document management system (DMS) and that the DMS system be in the local post office directory, which is in a "dms" directory off the post office.  It is on a remote post office, Reload cannot back it up.  For example, if John Doe is on PO1 but the DMS system is on PO2, he would not be able to restore his documents; however, Mary Smith on PO2 could restore her documents if Reload is backing it up.

To enable DMS backup within Reload, select Standard from the main profile administration menu and look at the DMS setting.  It is a toggle setting, so if it is disabled, pressing ENTER on it would toggle it to "Enabled".

Documents can only be restored using Access Mode.  After connecting the GroupWise client to the Access Mode POA, the documents should be displayed in their original location when the backup occurred. 

Restoring a Document

1.  Save the document.

2.  Exit the GroupWise client to disconnect it from the Reload Access Mode POA.

3.  Launch the GroupWise client and re-connect it to the production post office.

4.  Re-introduce the document into GroupWise.

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