Enabling Simultaneous Standard Backup Jobs with a Tape Archive Job

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  • 28-Jun-2016
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload Version Reload 5.1 Build (510025)


How do I enable the ability to run Reload Tape Archive (TAR) Jobs simultaneously with Reload Standard Backup Jobs


1. Make sure to that Reload version 510025 is installed on your Reload server. If it is not, upgrade to this version of Reload. This is a feature that was added to Reload with version 510025.

2. Once Reload is upgraded, log into Reload Web Administration.

3. Select the "Configure" tab.

4. Select the Job Handling Preferences panel.

5. Set Allow Concurrent Standard Backup Jobs: to Enabled

6. Set Allow Concurrent Standard and TAR Backup Jobs to Enabled

7. Set Number of Concurrent Standard Backup Jobs Allowedto 2 or greater

Here is what this will enable:

If your Reload Server has more than one GroupWise post office being backed up to the Reload server, if a TAR job is running for one post office profile, a backup of other Reload profiles that back up a GroupWise post office or domain can also run during the time that the TAR job is running. A Standard Backup job will not run for the GroupWise post office profile that is currently running the TAR job. Also, two TAR jobs will not run simultaneously.

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