AutoDiscover Errors on Some Mailboxes Due to Certificate Mapping Issues

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  • 12-Dec-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 2.x, 3.x
Microsoft Exchange
Smart Card Certificate Mapping


Customer's archive jobs would not complete after producing errors for several several mailboxes.  Retain was reporting AutoDiscover errors when logging into some of the mailboxes:

09:18:02,977 AutodiscoverFunctions - No EWSURL or ASURL in response request for []
09:18:02,977 AutodiscoverFunctions - This will mean we will fail to find an EWS service suitable for this user.
09:18:02,977 AutoDiscover - Not good. No good EWS URL returned... code=connectButNoUrl,payload=[null, -1]
09:18:02,977 ExchangeDredger - No Autodiscover/Endpoint found!
com.gwava.archive.exceptions.ExchangeAutodiscoverException: No Autodiscover/Endpoint found!


The customer had employed Active Directory's Certificate Mapping.   It involves PIV certificates that have to be mapped to each Active Directory account.  Essentially, they right-click on a user, select "name mappings", and remove or add a cert. For the problematic users, they removed the certificates and added another one.

For more information on how Retain interfaces with Exchange's AutoDiscover, see "How Retain Interfaces with Exchange's AutoDiscover Feature".

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