Retain login options for GroupWise mailboxes

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  • 20-Jul-2016
  • 01-Sep-2017


Retain 4.0.3 and earlier


I'm moving away from GroupWise to another messaging system but I want users to continue to login to their GroupWise archive mailboxes in Retain.  What are my options?


Retain supports four different options for logging into a GroupWise mailbox:

Although requested by a few customers and logged into our enhancement request database, LDAP authentication to Active Directory does not currently exist in Retain.

A Retain user account and a Retain mailbox are two separate things but both get tied together.  Once a user logs into Retain using GroupWise authentication or LDAP authentication to eDirectory, Retain automatically creates a user login account and associates the user login account to the appropriate mailbox.  If a user never has logged into his/her Retain mailbox, then no user account and its association to a mailbox gets created.  If you take away GroupWise and eDirectory, the user will not be able to login to Retain unless you set them up manually using "offline" authentication.

If a user already has logged in using GroupWise or LDAP to eDirectory, then you can simply change the authentication method to "offline" under User management and set a password and that's all you have to do.  The user account link to a mailbox already exists and remains.

However, if setting up "offline" authentication, then that user account to mailbox association must be manually done by the admin as well as setting the account password.  For more information on setting up user accounts, see User and Group Management in the online Retain manual.

If using Retain to archive another messaging system in addition to having a GroupWise archive, then you can map the two separate user mailboxes and allow the user to authenticate into Retain using the credentials of the other messaging system.  For example, if you have a former GroupWise system in your Retain archives and you move to O365 and plan to archive that mail into Retain like many customers do, you can map the users' GroupWise mailbox to their O365 mailbox and they can login to Retain using their O365 credentials; thus, seeing both their GroupWise and their O365 archive mailboxes.

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