Retain Server Out of Disk Space on Root Volume During Archive Job

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  • 03-Mar-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x


I just installed and configured Retain for the first time.  I started up an archive job and after a few hours, the root volume of my server disk ran out of disk space.  What caused this?


Often the culprit is the logs (see "Location of Retain Log Files").  Sometimes just cleaning that out will alleviate the problem.  In versions of Retain prior to 3.4, the Catalina.out log would get huge.

Another culprit often is the MySQL transaction logs if the MySQL data directory is off of the root volume.

In one Linux customer's rare case, some of her storage paths were missing the leading forward slash " / " at the beginning of the path:

  • WRONG:  data/archive
  • CORRECT:  /data/archive

With the path missing the leading forward slash, the archive and index directories' paths were "relative" to the current directory location the code was at rather than relative to the root of the volume.  What we found was two archive and index directories.  She had an archive directory off of /data/archive and another under /opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainWorker/WEB-INF/classes/config...

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