End of file hit , Code: c002

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  • 16-Oct-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x


We see these errors in the RetainWorker log:

com.gwava.gweasysoap.ThreadedEasyCursor: Error in ThreadedEasyCursor.run()
com.gwava.gweasysoap.GWSoapAPIException: End of file hit , Code: c002

com.gwava.workerutils.DefaultCAAPIErrorHandleStrategy: reportError: BadCursor - Abort mailbox :: com.gwava.workerutils.DefaultCAAPIErrorHandleStrategy.returnCaller:55 :: (cachedItemList == null) error 2com.gwava.gweasysoap.BadCursorException: (cachedItemList == null) error 2

The job aborts the mailbox and continues to the next mailbox.


With a customer we found a bad message in the user's mailbox. GWCheck was unable to fix it. A job run of the last few days of the user's mailbox showed that messages could be dredged.

Running a SOAP trace allowed us to discover which message was causing the error. The message was broken in WebAcc. Retention services needed to be turned off and the message deleted.

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