How To Clear Modified Digest Retention Timestamps

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  • 12-Jan-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x
Groupwise 2012, 2014


Users can't empty their trash due to Modified Retention Time.

Note: GWTMSTMP is part of Novell GroupWise and this KB Article is just offered as a suggestion.  Any questions or issue with the timestamp utility should be directed to Novell support.


Users will not be able to empty their trash if the Modified Retention Time is set. Retain can set the Digest Retention Time (Retention Flag) and the Backup Time (Purge Flag) but Retain has no mechanism to alter the Modified Retention Time.

However Novell provides the gwtmstmp utility that can which is found in:

Add the -c flag to clear the time and the -mn flag to specify the Modified Retention Time:
./gwtmstmp -p <pathPO> -u <userID> -c -mn

To change all the users the userID can be *.

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