Changing the Autodiscover Mode

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  • 26-Jan-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 4.0.1


My archive jobs are taking a long time to complete.  My job throughput on the Worker web page is showing less than 2 messages per second and the jobs are lasting over 24 hours.  


There is likely a configuration problem with DNS.  With one customer, the domain name of the users' email addresses was an external domain that could not be reached from the internal network.  Once the Microsoft Autodiscover library times out on trying to connect that domain, then Retain switches over to its own internal Autodiscover code and it connects immediately.

Retain first tries to use the Microsoft Autodiscover library.  If it fails, then it uses GWAVA's own implementation of Microsoft's Autodiscover process (see, "Autodiscover: How Retain Connects to Your Exchange Mailboxes").

You can reverse that order and have Retain use GWAVA's Autodiscover code first, thus avoiding the delays.

This is accomplished by editing the file under the Worker directory structure (.../RetainWorker/classes/config/ and adding this line:  autodiscover.mode=1. This would need to be done for each Worker installed.

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