Backing Up Retain

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  • 08-Aug-2008
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Retain 3.x, 4.x

NOTE: You may want to consider GWAVA's "Reload for Retain" backup solution.


I want to back up Retain.  What do I need to back up?


The two most critical pieces that must be backed up are the archive data (specifically, the "archive" directory) and the Retain database.  Losing even one of either of those pieces would mean that your archive data is completely lost.  They are interdependent.  See "Where Data Is Stored in Retain" for more information.

The archive directory consists of up to approximately 16 million (+) directories and the archives are stored evenly across them.  This makes it hard (if not impossible) for the traditional file-based backup systems to back it up; thus, you either need a disk image (block level) backup or you need to use GWAVA's The Retain Storage Path and How to Find It".

What to Back Up

Other than backing up the archive directory structure, there are a few areas of Retain that are important to backup that would not require a disk image (block level) backup:

1. Configurations files

  • ASConfig.cfg
  • Indexer configuration files

2.Database (critical)

3. License

4. Index files (these can be rebuilt but that process can takes weeks or months during which time your searches will not produce full results)

File Locations

1.  Configuration files.

ASConfig.cfg is stored in a directory off of your Retain installation:

Linux default/opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/cfg

Windows default:  [drive]:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain\RetainServer\WEB-INF\cfg

Indexer configuration files(the entire directory's contents):

Linux default:  /opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/solrweb/WEB-INF/cfg

Windows default [drive]:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain\RetainServer\WEB-INF\solrweb\WEB-INF\cfg

2.  Database. 

The location is too varied to mention here.  Each customer should know where their Retain database resides.  MySQL customers should reference these two KBs:

3.  License.  

The license directory is located under your storage path

4.  Indexes.  

Because the Index directory can be in a constant state of change, it is recommended that you back up the index subdirectory located beneath the backup directory (also found under the storage path). 

When the Retain maintenance routine runs, it makes a backup copy of the index directory and places it here.  The frequency of this backup is configured in the RetainServer interface under Server Configuration | Maintenance.

If performing an upgrade of the Retain software you are strongly advised to manually back up all the files mentioned in this article before performing the upgrade. 

Note on backing up during the nighly maintenance cycle

In Retain 4.0.3 the indexes are optimized during maintenance every night. This may take a few hours. During optimization the index directory may grow by 2-3 times as temporary files are created and removed. Backing up during this time is not recommended.

Additional Information

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