How to re-register a framework agent

  • 7017968
  • 22-Aug-2016
  • 22-Aug-2016


NetIQ Privileged Account Manager


How to re-register a framework agent
The steps to re-register an agent


Approach A - A common approach for re-registering a framework agent with the manager is the following:

  1. Remove the host from the Hosts Console in the Administration Console.
  2. From the Agent, execute the register command.
    Please see Installing and Registering a Framework Agent for the proper registration command. For example:
    /opt/netiq/npum/bin/unifi.exe regclnt register

Approach B - If there are no manager components installed, the easiest and best way to remedy agent registration issues is the following:

  1. Uninstall the agent. See Removing the Agent Components.
  2. Remove the install directory (default: /opt/netiq/npum or C:\Program Files\Netiq\npum\)
  3. Remove the agent from the Hosts Console (if present). See Deleting a Host.
  4. Re-install and re-register. See Installing the Agents.

Approach C
- If the uninstall / reinstall steps suggested in Approach B can't be done, the following can be done to re-register:

    • Stop the agent.
    • Remove the Agent from the Hosts Console.
    • Rename /opt/netiq/npum/service/local/service.* from the agent.
    • Rename /opt/netiq/npum/service/local/.keystore from the agent.
    • Start the agent.
    • Register the agent.

Additional Information

If there are problems during registration, please refer to TID 7017967. If none of the scenarios mentioned in the TID are found to be the cause of the failed registration, it's possible the some other corruption with the local agent. In this case, please proceed with Approach B in the Resolution section above.