Patches released for Open Enterprise Server 2015 Support Pack 1 (OES2015 SP1).

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  • 12-Aug-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux Support Pack 1


Micro Focus has released Open Enterprise Server 2015 Support Pack 1 (OES 2015 SP1) on June 14th, 2016.

This is an overview of the patches that have been released for Open Enterprise Server 2015 Support Pack 1 (OES2015 SP1).

Note 1:
See TID 7008280 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES11).
See TID 7010867 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 (OES11 SP1).
See TID 7014420 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 (OES11 SP2).
See TID 7016875 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES2015).

Disclaimer : The list above does not pretend to be a full, and at all times actual, list of down-loadable software as has been released for the OES2015 platform. For that detail, please consult the official Novell download site.
Additional software may have been released, but not be listed here once it is considered to be beyond the scope of what this document tries to provide, being an overview of the bugs fixed with the various patch releases that have been released for OES 2015 SP1.

Note 2:
Important : Please be aware that OES2015 (SP1) is certified to run on top of SLES 11 SP4 only !!!

Note 3:
Important : With OES2015 SP1, there is no more support for both Archive & Versioning and Quickfinder.!!!
This is covered in the official OES2015 SP1 documentation, but may easily be overlooked.

Upgrading any previous version of Open Enterprise Server running these services, to Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1will result in breaking that functionality. Upgrading is a point of no return and when the functionality of these products is a requirement,  a dedicated OES11 SP2 or OES11 SP3 server to be (re-)installed entirely for the purpose of running these services.


For the readers convenience, below each released patch, you will find an overview of the bugs that are fixed in that patch for OES2015, and if it is known, a link to the TID that belongs to that bug as well.
I tried to be as complete as possible by also adding the same list of patches and bug fixes for other released iPrint and eDir patches, and have verified accurateness of the same with the respective team members.

  • July 2017 Update - 11180

1000197: iManager shows print manager down even if ipsmd  is up
1003157: OES2015 SP1: CIFS server makes Windows client ignore SMB2 OPLOCK_BREAK notification, causing delay in SMB2 CREATE response
1007336: Authentication of AD users fails when they are a member of a large groups.
1018287: Unable to set AD user quotas with NFARM
1023901: OES2015sp1: NURM returns “incorrect credentials”; if password for AD admin contains percent character (%)
1024135: Issue with Access Database on OES2015/SP1
1027123: ndsd memory leak issue
1028438: With Fine Grained Policies support build kinit fails after some idle time
1031751: Server crashes when running ravsui rebuild
1031962: OES2015sp1: NURM\Map Users\New\Custom Attributes\Last Name (sn)\ fails with manual modifications
1032690: OES2018: NIT throws error for dlg_base_context although it is not configured
1034130: iPrintAddon: Not able to print mobile jobs using Android/IOS device on Cluster setup after   upgrading the iprint-server rpm
1036080: novcifs -o does not display the NEGOTIATE_NTSTATUS setting
1037409: Renaming printer using iPrintman does not sync in Mobile server
1037644: OES2015 SP1: cifsd crashes while cancelling pending/blocked SMB2_CREATE requests
1038637: OES2015 SP1: Windows 10 explorer crashes when a user saves a file on an OES CIFS share with a Microsoft Office application.
1038771: Unable to associate Canon varioPrint 110 PS3 US driver to Printer Agent
1041047: OES2015 SP1: CIFS doesn't grant oplock on newly created files
1042480: Kernel crash in NSS
1042841: OES core - unable to handle kernel paging request - LBL_sWait
1043235: OES2015 SP1: user unable to mount subdirectory with CIFS from Ubuntu client
1044354: high CPU utilization of cifsd while it continuously logs the message "Delaying closing of TID “<TID>”; as it is in use, client: “<IP\_ADRESS>”; for one particular client.
1044729: Novell-named running 100% cpu after may2017 update
1045388: OES2015 SP1: CIFS service crashes while processing SMB_COM_CREATE_DIR request with oplocks PTF
1047207: Few warnings/errors are seen with the CIFS oplock PTF
1047771: DecompressPercentDiskSpaceFreeToAllowCommit value does not change when setting in nssstart.cfg
1048323: NIT doesn't validate for the proper context when setting 'ad-dlg-context'
1048335: SPUTIL: inconsistency between man page / NSS Admin Guide and Utility
1049349: Cifs service resulted in segfault during login-logout tests in July'17 Patch Test
1049795: Cifs login-logout test for AD users is failing above 2500 connections
1050384: OES2015 SP1 July'17 patch: Client is terminating connection during file I/O as it received   malformed response
1051234: OES2015SP1 July 2017 Patch: Continuous warning messages are seen in cifs.log after few file operations
911157: Deadlock in Novell CIFS Opportunistic Locking
939634: Mcafee Proxy Appliance does not work with CIFS user login
940789: nssmu should not accept empty string names for creating pool and volume
990498: handling and logging failures of the connected DSServer AFTER the ipsmd service was started
996993: OES-PTF: IP: [] ZFS_FsmDoBlockWriteFromSignal+0x111/0x680 [nsszlss]

  • June 2017 OES 2015-SP1 Hot Patch for NCP - 11166

1043217: After applying the latest patches from the channel we have a customer that has its ndsd crash often trying to load a symbol _Z24GetConnSockFDIPAddrandDNiPiPPcPt

  • May 2017 Update - 11137

639713: novell-named does not respond to DNS queries while dynamic reconfiguration is taking place.
781099: Do not stop novell-named when one of the zones is not assigned a designated Primary
894802: iManager replica view does not show all replicas when [Public] is restricted
931312: novell-named exits due to assertion failure when reading some of the zone configuration from eDirectory fails during dynamic reconfiguration
932196: User Modify task disappears
964172: NSS64 pool rezid action caused folder with many hardlinks to become inaccessible.
981536: Filename or title of the documents on the print queue is visible to all the users through Windows queue
1006863: CIFS service crashes in during authentication if NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_128 flag is not set in "NegotiateFlags"
1006945: Change in behavior of SEV refresh intervals between OES11 and OES2015
1010733: Nessus scan reports in SSL 64-bit Block Size Cipher Suites supported (SWEET32) in iManager 2.7.7 patch8
1016468: Uninstall of the iPrint client removes an extra semicolon on the path variable
1017060: Unable to uninstall 'NetIQ iManager Password Management' plugins from iManager
1017876: Admin Console: User Enumeration via login failure message delay
1018266: LDAP GC handles are lost intermittently from the NIT server
1018950: MS Office for MAC is unable to save files if file is opened by another user as read only.
1019004: Warning message is printed on top of the Policy name
1019023: error 0x00000002 installing PS EFI Fiery driver
1020818: User Printer: Spooler crashes while Auto driver/profile update of a user printer on Windows 10 x86
1020892: ndsd crashes when calling AllocateConnectionSlot()
1020941: Unable to expand a 16 TB NSS64 pool on OES2015 SP1
1021421: Error messages in NPSMMON.LOG for every print job submitted
1021882: Direct Printers looses parts of the printed document if bDirectPrintSpoolJobEnabled is enabled
1022773: NSS-AD with DSfW Domain: NIT segfaults with every nitconfig command execution, access from CIFS client.
1022949: While configuring CIFS, "invalid syntax" errors related to LDAP are seen in /var/log/YaST2/y2log
1023747: CIFS reports acquiring Kerberos credentials in an eDirectory only environment
1023799: OES2015 SP1 POOL_REVISION_CHECK (NCS_CRM_RES_T03:13:255) errors.
1024246: cifsd memory consumption gradually increases over the time as users authenticate
1024678: Version change for iManager 2.7.7 Patch10
1025710: User quota for AD user is not displayed when disk is detached from OES2015SP1 and attached to OES2018
1026185: Returning improper error when client attempts to set EAs is causing free TIDs to be exhausted
1026516: iPrint Windows client 6.07: Copyright needs to be updated
1026518: iPrint Mac client 6.07: Copyright needs to be updated
1026648: Error during "yast channel-upgrade-oes": /opt/novell/nss/sbin/nssAdminInstall: option requires an argument -- 'c'
1026923: NIT does not attempt to restore LDAP connection if LDAP search for DLOESAccessGrp fails while processing a NSS Security Equivalence Update event.
1027377: iPrint3.0_LOC:RU: Too big font used in Russian iPrint client
1027584: NCP Server exceeds response packet size by 16 bytes causing -625 error in iManager on viewing the folder of \VS-PRKUSERS\PRKUSERS
1028265: CIFS service crashes if the "NextCommandOffset" field of the received SMB2 request header contains invalid value
1028312: Unable to get user details > from NIT for uid = 1002 polluting '/var/log/messages'
1028999: User Printers: Printer installation fails for a printer which has location or description identifier set on them
1029058: Wrong message is printed when both -n and '-u edir' options are used with metamig
1029064: metamig man page issues
1029529: Printing dialog stuck when using iPrint FTF client from bug 1021882
1029621: Unable to online the resource after DST is configured.
1029731: lum_oes2015_sp1 file is missing the sections for the two alternative LDAP server lists for LUM.
1030046: Cluster resources (non nss-pool resources) fails to load with error "POOL_REVISION_CHECK (NCS_CRM_RES_T01:13:255): Cannot online resource '' on node 'blr7-169-107', because NSS on the node may not understand the newer NSS media associated"
1030443: When a directory is browsed using SMB2, the access times for files change, even though file is not opened by the user
1031724: novell-cifs displays old file contents after NCP or Linux modifies file on NSS volume
1034641: AD 2012 schema extension in DSfW
1035009: cifsd crashes while processing SMB_COM_SESSION_SETUP_ANDX requests without domain name information in security blob
1035354: 'BT entry missing in BTI' error is seen consistently when two or more users are added as trustees on a folder
1035849: Show and update OES access group from nss command line and an interface to nit to update OES access group
1036008: NDSD dumped core at function ScanDelInfoExists (, , , ) at ../../engine/ncpserv/cmgrTable.cpp:2269
1036267: Error Handling and backward compatibility for 64 bit iNode Salvage or Purge
1038424: nsscon man and help file needs to be updated for new SEV updates options for eDirectory and AD users
1039620: About info of iManager should be updated in OES11SP3 May patch
1039626: Plugin upgrade is failing with error message 'Return code = 1' in Catalina.out in OES2015 May patch
1039634: Getting exception in OES11SP3 May patch while trying to perform ICE plugin operation
1039637: Unable to import the certificate in OES11SP3 May patch
1039847: Adding nsscon switch 'ForceEnableZID64' in nssstart.cfg fails nss to load in subsequent reboots, but works with '/ForceEnableZID64'
1040590: Some files are lost from the NSS volume after running rezid on volume with 32 and 64 bit zids
1040595: ravsui man page needs to be updated for default value of --rezid option if 64 bit zid support is enabled
1040969: ndsd service crashes in DSfW server when OES2015SP1 May17 Patch server is tried to add to DSfW domain
1041532: Tracker bug for the fix of VUL-0: CVE-2017-7494: samba, in novell-oes-samba

  • May 2017 OES2015-SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Patch 10 - 11138

1005358: Searches for subschemaSubentry fail with error: illegal ds name (-610)
1007242: SSL CertificateDNS should have the DNS name in Subject Alternative Names as well
1007687: iManager import/export no longer works after upgrade to patch 8 on Windows
1008673: Index Management plugin should allow creation and modification of compound indexes
1012300: nmasrefresh throws 1644 and does not update the method
1013090: only the first match is returned when rights are assigned via a group
1021511: eDirectory coring on windows 2012 constantly
1022101: NICI 2.7.7 -- Issue with Lock elision and Netiq eDirectory -- Need to use trylock
1022237: JClient.readReference(...) is resulting in a memory buildup
1023742: iMonitor shows same attribute name 3 times in index definition for value indexes on syn_path syntax
1025845: Memory leak happens when multiple LDAP searches are performed on multiple clients generating a CORE
1025849: installer shows 88sp8 pacth9 instead of 88sp8 patch 10 while installing 88sp8 patch 10 on windows 2016 server
1026201: Having (cn=) specified as search filter for a dynamic group member query is causing ndsd to crash.
1026942: SIGSEGV Segmentation fault core is generated while ndsrepair
1027367: ndstrace shows insufficient buffer (-649) while adding index with multiple attributes
1027840: eDirectory dumps core when user tries to create index with multiple attributes
1028637: ndsindex should allow maximum of 5 attributes for compound indexes
1029087: NICI is not upgraded when eDirectory is upgraded from to
1030627: Need to change the gui approach while selecting attributes under 'Add index' window
1030713: Indexes is getting created with the  unselected  attribute in compound index
1030715: Indexes is not getting created when user unselected the attribute from the compound index list
1030717: Height of Add Index page of Index Management plugin should be increased
1030721: Limit number of attributes for compound indexes to 5
1031044: iManager 2.7.7 patch10 Dumping core when user tries to perform 'Repair Default Certificate'
517585: Network address attribute clears on user accounts randomly
825011: Request for ability to change group owner and permissions on xdas-events.log file from the defaults of root and 600
856048: Synchronization breaks with error -608
936829: NDSD crashes in ~NBIteratorHandle on OES
994830: NDSD crashes in libdsr in DSRTraceString
995354: iMonitor allows MEDIUM strength ciphers by default.
996505: ndsds memory leak/growth on IDM server after upgrading to 888 Patch 8.
997093: LDAP search does not return any results when there is a space or _ in the 33rd byte or 65th byte of an indexed string

  • May 2017 OES 2015 SP1 Hot Patch for DSfW - 11148

897515: OES-2015-Preview17 - CIFS cored as krb5 lib seqfaulted in get_rcache()
993599: valgrind reports leak in novell-xad-krb5 while running part of CIFS
1028636: Joining Windows workstation to CDC domain fails with added AES support
1034641: AD 2012 schema extension in DSfW
1038886: AES support for DSfW

  • May 2017 OES 2015 SP1 Hot Patch for iPrint - 11145

1037622: A random issue causes some driver profiles to be removed after applying the OES 2015SP1 iPrint for OES - Enabler Patch

  • iPrint for OES - 11109

921592: Cores in httpd2-prefork
1015056: Print Error "object already exists" when creating a new printer with iprintman
1030148: The iPrint client is not installed with Firefox browser 52.x
1032347: Driver Manufacturer and Model information not populated

  • March 2017 Update - 11104

894137: Quota information does not display correctly.
966665: rights.cmd command 'rightsRequest' does not display the files with only IRF in the reply on volumes with TrusteeIndex.
987317: CIFS connections increases after each refresh from a SLED12 client.
991997: CIFS users cannot browse the junction, after replacing a subdirectory with a DFS junction of the same name as the former subdirectory.
992654: cifsd is unable to connect to eDirectory when SSLv3 is disabled on eDirectory LDAP server.
1000030: AFP login fails with renamed user - Error 20001.
1000879: OES CIFS server returns invalid path in SRVSVC NetShareGetInfo response.
1003341: Need two options for CIFS NT LM 0.12 dialect configuration.
1004316: CIFS service crashes if client uses NegoEx SSP authentication mechanism while authenticating.
1006384: cifsd crashes in some scenarios due to invalid or incompatible parameters for cifs_log().
1010435: NIT errors flooding the /var/log/messages.
1014052: NSS fails to update the Security Equivalence Vector (SEV) of an eDirectory user after the user object is moved to a different context.
1015907: OES install always overwrites the eDirectory NMAS methods.
1015908: CIFS install script does not log to /var/log/YaST2/y2log.
1016273: ndsd crashes randomly after update to November 2016 patch in
1017436: cifsd crashes per assertion failure due to session table full.
1020094: DFS or CIFS behaviour when returning a DFS Referral.
1020275: nssquota man page display incorrect example for setting volume quota.
1020869: Scanner fails to scan files with "Cant write to directory" error if the file name is terminated with "/".
1023725: A pop-up error "Failed to assign eDirectory rights to the proxy users" occurs during OES configuration in Preview5.
1025529: Outdated nit.conf man page need to be removed.
1029059: metamig displays AD user name as 'null' during trustee restore.
1029572: ndpapp segfaults very frequently on March patch machines with /ForceSecurityEquivalenceUpdate.
1030301: CIFS service crashed due to invalid memory address access upon receiving SMB2_LOGOFF request.

  • March 2017 OES 2015 SP1 Hot Patch for NCP - 11115

1004754: segfault when resource is migrated to node.
1025803: High CPU utilization and significant memory growth in NDSD after applying the January patch.

  • January 2017 OES 2015-SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Patch 9 - 11071

1000527: VLV request fails if there is just one object matching the query.
1000528: LDAP search result does not have the requested number of entries before the target entry matched by VLV control's attribute assertion value
1000617: flaim able to open DB with invalid password
1001019: LDAP pagedResultsControl is not working after first page.
1001252: VLV control's attribute assertion value that matches first or last entry in reverse sorted list produces incorrect results
1001269: Getting error message in ndstrace while doing LDAP search with sever sort control in descending order.
1002936: eDirectory does not support Server Side Sorting of LDAP Search Results based on multiple sort keys
1002962: eDirectory returns duplicate entries in LDAP search result when SSS control is used with an attribute whose index rule is set to "Substring"
1003162: Getting incorrect ldap search results with VLV controls.
1003163: eDirectory returns incorrect value for targetPosition in VirtualListViewResponse when there is no target entry satisfying the attribute assertion value
1003236: LDAP search with server side sort control succeeds even when user does not have access to the sort key on some objects.
1003238: All security services rpms are having older version.
1003345: Replica addition is failing while secondary server addition.
1003562: Downgrade 902 to 901 is failing
1004328: Not able to browse the tree through iManager.
1004501: Memory leak while uploading object if EA is enabled.
1004526: Unable to connect to iMonitor
1005103: ndsd dumps core while accessing LDAP server through Softerra LDAP administrator Directory management Tool.
1005159: eDirectory sorts results incorrectly when sorting is performed with multiple sort keys and some objects do not have values for first sort key
1006953: LDAP search with SSS control fails if the sort key list has 5 attributes
1007011: ndsrepair -R on a fresh tree throwing error during structure & Index check.
1007193: Request for empty API's for monitoring in eDirectory 8.8.8.x release
1007419: Multiple random issues with compound indexes and LDAP SSS control on Windows
1007456: Unable to associate LDAP server objects with LDAP group object using LDAP iManager plugin
1007997: iManager index manager deletes all compound indexes created
1008676: LDAP server with SSS giving duplicate entries in search results.
1008940: Ldap search with VLV or with paged control creates new iterator everytime which slows down search
1009038: Not throwing any xdas event for anonymous bind.
1009205: eDir VLV/SSS improve first page response time
1009997: targetPosition of VLV response control is unreliable when the new control to disable counting of entries is used
1010007: Memory build up seen in ndsd on performing LDAP search with VLV control from multiple clients
1010014: eDirectory crashed during reliability tests for VLV control.
1010274: eDirectory 9.0.0 Upgrade to 9.0.2 fails when Audit and EBA is enabled.
1010552: eDir is crashing while running ldapsearches with nmas audit enabled.
1012208: Paged search broken after upgrade to 888 patch 9
477443: Certificate Server returns error 49934 trying to create certificates
781103: Ldap search with both paged results and sort control returns no values
849994: The file: icedelim.tmp can not be opened.
883418: PKI: Server Certificate creation fails with error: -1232
907142: ndsd coring in ss_CleanupMutex
932625: Dhost crashed while adding as secondary server.
934091: Certificates created by PKI does not comply to RFC 5280
939844: IDM engine Security Equals modification loops back on Subscriber channel
952240: RFE: Ability to reissue CRL a few days before expiry (for external storage of CRL)
965402: ndsd cores in FSGetDomain when performing heavy LDAP Writes
969168: ndsd crashes in LDAP with multiple naming attributes
970805: SysAddr for the eDirectory internal events should be populated with valid IP address.
970900: NMAS logs up to 4 events for one Login
971940: Failed LDAP Binds result in 3 events of which 2 are redundant.
972219: Error creating server certificate on non CA server if Tree name starts with Numerica character
981856: Intermittent long delays for normal LDAP searches
983891: OES11SP3 : ndsd crash when the machine was booting and in 'Unused' state after machine was up
985525: Need DS event for "Login Failure".
985785: NDSD should pre-parse the nds.conf and report if there are duplicate entries.
987581: Socket leaks in eDirectory (?) causing CIFS users not being able to access to DFS junctions
987634: XDAS instrumentation truncates DNs at 68 bytes
989742: Sync - Process: End Update failed, no transaction is active (-770) after applying eDirectory 8.8.8 Patch 8
989817: NEW: Need ndsrepair switch for -SX -SW to purge local and not sync to help clean up DirXML-EntitlementResult attributes or other custom attrs, And not cause rebuild change cache
992059: DSE_ADD_ENTRY event is incorrectly mapped to CREATE_ACCOUNT event in XDAS.
992676: _EndUpdateReply_V9 is leaking memory in eDirectory
993493: memberQueryURL doesn't accept backslashes in filter
993502: Filtering does not work properly if multiple EventHandlers are registered with filtering
994517: Unable to set password with CTR-ALT-DEL when NESCM is set as DEFAULT login method
995909: Installation summary showing wrong version after upgraded to 888Patch9.
996451: CRL Extend Validity enhancement for pki plugin
997890: eDirectory upgrade from 888 patch 8 to 901 hangs during file copy on Windows 2K12 R2
998086: Using LDAP Sort control with descending order fails.
998315: VLV control search with target specified by an attribute assertion value fails with -714 error
998652: Spelling mistake in the error message.
998759: limber run is causing context leak in reliability setup.
999499: Default certificates are not created even after the certificates are revoked.

  • January 2017 Update - 11072

907562: OES 2/OES 11 CIFS warnings are polluting the /var/log/messages files
927769: Getting Started section still refers to iManager 2.7.7 Patch 3
948861: iManager upgrade does not backup or restore the key configuration files.
980240: MAC PDE: Driver packages pulled from remote driver store should be cached in the local Appliance
987772: Novell CIFS categorizes too many messages as ERROR level - additional
988188: cifsd does not truncate the file when processing SMB_COM_TRANS2_SET_FILE_INFO of InformationLevel SMB_SET_FILE_ALLOCATION_INFO where AllocationSize is 0.
995808: All Client for OES drive mappings are disconnected and user must reboot workstation to recover when NCP server sends OpLock Break Notification inside another NCP response message.
999955: NIT core in Log message function (NIT_Logging)
1000856: OES CIFS server does not set FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL in SMB_COM_NT_CREATE_ANDX/SMB2 CREATE response when opening an existing file without attributes
1001439: CIFS service crashed while processing the SMB2_Read request
1002623: Finder on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks) hangs when attempting to browse a CIFS share on OES 2015 SP1
1003391: DFS junctions script - rights issue
1005365: Unable to handle kernel paging request at memmove+0x51
1006484: BCC build is failing on OES 2015
1007849: iManager breaks IDM 4.5.4 plugins
1008509: CIFS log getting filled with "NTLM is picked from the mechTypes" messages
1009079: Novell CIFS server returns STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED to SMB2 QUERY_INFO request of FileInfoClass FILE_FS_SIZE_INFORMATION if getxattr() call for User Quota information results in EINVAL.
1010046: cifsd returns STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED to SMB2 CREATE request for opening a subdirectory with READ_CONTROL and/or FILE_READ_EA access if user has only [Visibility] right.
1010565: nitd SEV list incomplete if a comma exists in distinguished name of AD user
1011784: novell-ad-util complaints about cluster functionality
1020100: iManager cannot be accessed after applying Jan 2017 patches

  • January 2017 OES 2015 SP1 Hot Patch for NRM - 11080

1020068: CVE-2017-5182 NRM bug

  • November 2016 Update - 11034

833701: metamig does not process special charecters in directory names created by TRUSTEE.NLM properly
976906: Sentinel captures an audit event where the trustees are removed and blames the supervisor.
977103: NCP volume does not get shared by cifsd on target OES2015 cluster node upon resource migration
980240: Mac PDE : Driver packages pulled from remote driver store should be cached in the local Appliance
981469: NCP crash in MemPool_Free
985032: Jetstream timing out intermittently causing failure of I/O on DFS junctions with scaled number of CIFS connections
985861: Core in nitd while populating sid-to-guid cache
986069: DDServer in ipsmd.conf not working reliable after daemon boot
989935: NIT calls to syslog should be at lower priority LOG_INFO
989956: NIT becomes unresponsive while s2g cache is populated
991237: When setting password, the "access denied" error message is displayed from the mmc ADUC
993711: High utilization in nitd process CPU 300%
993836: CIFS logging "ERR_INVALID_PATH errcode:156" polluting /var/log/messages.
993971: nitd segfault in getUid_fromGcache
994331: NIT ignoring AD sites
994688: LDAP result code 49 / NDS return code -669 breaks CIFS subtree search.
995141: nlvm share does not set nssfsShared attribute for pools that have been active on other nodes.
995735: sputil: should notify the administrator if no policy is defined.
996202: LDAP search for Domain Local Groups membership of AD users takes long time (more than 30 seconds) for many users
997565: iManager allows non-permissible characters to be part of the printer name while creating a new printer.
997954: Unable to transit DFS Junctions over CIFS due to -625 errors
998684: Unable to map GUID(e7d76cad-cbe2-11d5-aa-98-00805f9f2140) to DN using NCP eDir. Error -9001
1000584: Example in the metamig help for new option -u with 'eDir' does not work, needs to be changed from 'eDir' to 'edir'
1003496: nitconfig fails to fetch SEV of eDirectory user, if user SEV has more than 20 GUIDs
1007518: nitd segfault in edir_get_userinfo_from_uid_handler
1009000: Processing of responses containing a DNAME answer can lead to an assertion failure
1009465: NIT does not list BuiltIn local groups in sevlist for any AD user
1011228: nitconfig man page incorrectly specifies value for parameter 'ad-dlg-context'
1011664: Unable to install the printers after updating to 6.05 version of the iPrint client for MAC

  • October 2016 OES 2015 SP1 Hot Patch for DSFW - 11024

976098: DFS link is pointing to ADC instead of PDC which is affecting gpupdate.

  • October 2016 OES 2015 SP1 iPrint Scheduled Maintenance Update - 11012

994081: Mac OS X Sierra 10.12:Not able to install printers through browser and iprntcmd command

  • October 2016 OES 2015 SP1 Hot Patch for novell-bind - 11008

1001910: Buffer overflow error in DNS

  • September 2016 Update - 10992

838071: namuseradd -a creates incorrectly named der files in /var/lib/novell-lum
927647: "GetSambaShareModeLock" fails with "No such file or subdirectory", since it still uses the former path after a subdirectory is moved to another parent by different LINUX process.
949984: System unresponsiveness caused by NSS.
957622: NetApp filer fails to join in cluster mode.
959479: Time out for NIT LDAP searches against AD should be configurable
960399: NCP segfault in DecrConnectionUseCount(unsigned int, ConnectionObject**) ()
966123: Server becomes unresponsive randomly and ndstat does not come back
978823: namcd crashes in getUID_fromNDS
979143: Novell CIFS categorizes too many messages as ERROR level
982710: NSS rights utility is not aware of DST.
983674: Display space saved by compression on NSS volumes - NSS utils
986699: OES2015 SP1 crashing in cachePrepareToFlush+388
986712: iPrint Client is not detected with Firefox v45.x
987490: When migrating the resources across the cluster, resource goes to an unassigned state.
988232: CIFS service crashes when a worker thread gets activated due to spurious wakeup
989151: CIFS service crashes on receiving invalid parameter in SMB2_QUERY_INFO request
990041: OES 2015 kernel core in strlen() called from VIGIL_SYS_AUDIT_VIGIL_CLIENT_USER_ClientUserName_Alloc
992560: Provide option in metamig utility to save and restore metadata based on eDir and AD users.
994984: Tool to convert AFP metadata to CIFS
994986: CIFS to support server side copy functionality
995733: Special characters need to be removed from sputil man page
996222: nsscon man page needs to be modified for the option /PoolMediaUpgrade
998558: Man and Help page changes needed for -d option (for DST) in rights utility
998727: fallocate support for NSS
1000761: ndsd cores when NetApp filer is tried to join to DSfW domain

  • August 2016 OES2015 SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Patch 8 Hot Patch - 10979

992676: _EndUpdateReply_V9 is leaking memory in eDirectory

  • August 2016 OES2015 SP1 iPrint Scheduled Maintenance Update - 10961

881229: iPrint client fails to install printers with extended characters
956289: Printer installation/jobs failed on SSL printers with Yosemite having iPrint Mac client 6.0
971736: Uploading driver or printer installation fails on Windows 32-bit OS with IE browser even though iPrint Client is installed
972945: iPrint Windows client 6.04:Copyright needs to be updated
974207: When printer is offline jobs get failed
977792: Some extended characters display as question mark in location field of iPrint Driver Upload page
977799: Failed to upload PDE from iManager on Windows with Non-English language
978590: The dialog "iPrint Driver Upload" is not localized (64-bit only)
978592: Error message "You must specify..." in the "iPrint Driver Upload" dialog (64-bit only) is not localized
978597: Error message is displayed when uploading PPD files (64-bit only)
978637: OpenSSL needs to be updated in client for important security fixes
979503: The pop-up needs to be modified for deletion of PDE which is associated to PPD
979638: Mac_Client : Message provided after successful upload mentions PPD even though PDE package is uploaded
979697: Mac_Client : Driver package is downloaded in zip format and not extracted on the user's machine
979698: Mac_Client : Auto trigger the installation of driver package in the user's mac machine
980103: A proper error message must be displayed when invalid driver files are uploaded
980267: Formatting issues in the "The Printer is not Installed" dialog box
980285: Failed to upload PPD if the PPD file is inside a folder with extended characters
980450: Mac_client:After deleting the PDE file the associated driver package name should be removed from iManager driver store
981502: Untranslated buttons "Ok" and "Cancel" in the "Delete" warning dialog of "Manage Driver Store" page
981979: Printer name with space is not installed when using IE browser
982330: iPrint MAC client 6.03: Printer installation in Firefox browser displayed "Novell iPrint Printer Installation Utility" in Launch Application dialog box.
984480: PDE upload from Windows is not showing the proper name in the iManager.
986355: Modify UI references of releasing WalkUP jobs using iOS app
987169: Title should be changed for printer authentication failed dialog box in iPrint client 6.06
990119: idsd cores when we do printer migration, if the source driver store has MAC /Linux drivers.

  • July 2016 OES 2015-SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Patch 8 - 10960

635541: After inserting new server with dibclone, each server in the tree does a rebuild of its change cache
870756: Ldap server plugin should either completely refresh or prompt to reload nldap after cipher changes
885138: ndsconfig upgrade causes multiple CRL configuration object DNs to be added to the CA's ndspkiCRLConfigurationDNList
921636: ICE Wizard Error java.lang.NullPointerException
922521: Password expired message returned when user enters bad but not expired password
932501: Index type for ldapAttributeList is moved to System without modification.
937477: ndsimon.conf - Trace Option example
938196: ndsbackup cvfR  does fail to connect to remote server when a port is specified
938888: Import schema from remote tree fails with error -699 if attributes have integer64 flag.
944373: Dynamic groups returns inconsistent values. (Request is not going remote even if x-chain is set)
945223: LDAP server does not handle CLDAP requests when UDP datagram size is larger than BER length
945866: nds-install should not  degrade eDirectory to lower versions
950336: Unable to install eDirectory on RHEL 7.2
952891: IRFs being incorrectly calculated over LDAP
954030: LDAP password modify extended operation (OID - fails with ldap error 32 when uid is used as naming attribute
955160: LDAP plugin allows a LDAP server to be associated to a cert in an import state
955344: eDirectory crashes when timestamp is not specified when creating a JCReferenceFilter
955508: nds-install update with LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 doesn't prompt to authenticate and fails to update
957819: httpKeyMaterialObject attribute value is changed to SSLCertificateDNS when 3rd party certificate is used.
958267: XDAS auditing over secure channel does not work with Sentinel
961773: NDSD running out of file descriptors on heavy Write loads
962260: Import user certificate is failing with error message 'PKI-error-1214'
962342: NDSD_AUTOCLEANUP_INVALID_EIDS does not handle invalid EIDs hit during sync
964463: Error 0xFFFDFE0B when restoring eDirectory object
965036: ndsd core in libnldap after DoLBURPOperation
965226: NDSD: High CPU utilization when performing searches for group members and dynamic groups after upgraded to patch6 or patch7 of eDIR8.8.8
966022: Unable to back up some objects from OES11 SP2 server with error about invalid API
967433: dhost.exe crashes in nmasLdap.dll when using NMASLDAP_CHANGE_PASSWORD_REQUEST
969318: Discrepancies in XDAS events while adding member to a group
969544: eDirectory version needs to be updated in install scripts for both Linux and Windows
970056: Unable to perform certificate revocation checks using openssl for certificates and CRLs issued by eDirectory
971094: The "Login Failed" event is missing the correct SourceHost/IP information.
971578: To support IDM 4.5.4 with eDirectory 8.8.8.x and eDirectory 9.x in Windows platform
971582: Unable to install eDirectory with relative path.
971932: eDirectory XDAS instrumentation throws some events unnecessarily
972192: Crash in Windows when trace is enabled and the trace is very verbose
972446: The /instance.0 file is getting corrupted on running nds-cluster-config on node2 for cluster HA
972455: Latest version of java8 should be bundled with eDir 9.0.1 patch and eDir888 Patch8
973978: eDir/data folder is not getting created for the /shared folder of the second node in a cluster setup
974004: dHost is crashing during Reliability test.
974515: ndsd is dumping core while unloading xdas.
975702: Restore operations fail with 'invalid request (-641)' error
975744: iManager XDAS plugin should be enhanced to configure ASSOCIATE_TRUST and DEASSOCIATE_TRUST
975755: Context used for encrypted replication, causes ndsd to core when duplicated.
976630: Not getting "UNAUTHENTICATE_SESSION" event on 888Patch8 server.
977676: eDirectory crash in SizeOfReferral after removing and adding a server back with the same name
977816: LDAP server defaults to export ciphers
979240: ndsd  restart on OES2015 SP1 server ( with DUMA installed ) is resulting a segfault
979827: ndsd  restart on OES2015 SP1 server ( with DUMA installed ) is resulting a segfault
980493: IDM instrumentation not connecting to Syslog connector
981003: eDir crash after upgrade to 901 SAMLLSMLIN_X64.SO+0x18cad0
982335: Unable to add a server to a eDirectory 888 tree on Windows.
982921: novell-getcore is failing while obtaining the shared libraries listed in core.
986871: Spec file needs to be modified for log4cxx project for OES builds.
989742: Sync - Process: End Update failed, no transaction is active (-770) after applying eDirectory 8.8.8 Patch 8

  • July 2016 Update - 10962

918756: The 'Auto-Block' feature does not work when we try to disconnect a session running on an Agent
938353: iManager Plugin: Unable to remove the dash from phone number
951182: LDAP search against DSfW server returns multiple results when some of the attributes are used more than once in the search.
951473: ./dsrzplx32: symbol lookup error: /opt/novell/xtier/lib/ undefined symbol: __sync_bool_compare_and_swap_4
957798: Segfault at 24 ip 00007fab65ba2b09 sp 00007fab66300f70 error 4 in[7fab65b3b000+120000]
964619: Kernel NULL pointer dereference during cluster resource events such as migrating or unloading.
972719: OES11 SP2: CIFS service crashes upon receiving "TRANS2_QUERY_FS_INFORMATION" request for "IPC$" share
972947: When using [ ] in directory name directory, access via CIFS shows empty folder.
974352: Length of NDS read reply exceeds NDS ReplyBufferSize in "Send NDS Fragmented" request from client.
974836: NCPSERV.LOG flooded with messages.
975314: File access via NCP is slow
975472: Server crashed with 'unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference' in "ROOT_BST_Destruct" when running pool activate/deactivate test with file IO operations simultaneously
975675: SLES 12 SMB client fails to connect to OES CIFS server
976011: CIFS server does not support NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_SIGN
976309: Nessus scan reports in Web Application potentially vulnerable to Clickjacking in iManager
976591: CIFS share with maximum allowed character is not allowing to create file.
978267: CIFS server does not send proper error if CIFS access fails during FIDTransition.
980562: w32tm_client process does not start after DSfW server reboot
980774: ndsd[31682]: segfault at 24 ip 00007fb759f8d079 sp 00007fb74778ef60 error 4 in[7fb759f25000+122000]
980989: OES 2015: CIFS user authentication fails if client does not support unicode character set
981637: OES2015-May Patch - SMB1: Not listing available shares when server IP is given while mapping from MAC client.
981869: OES11 SP2 displays NSS64 pools are corrupted
984434: OES11 SP2: CIFS service crashed due to memory corruption when client tried to perform DFS junction resolution using DOS names
984515: CIFS[28367]: ERROR: Loading of NCSSDK library failed, error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
985000: NRM inventory reports are not displayed for "total no. of files scanned" on top of the page
985326: NRM: File type profiles and File owner profiles graphs are not displayed if there are various types of files on a volume
985918: CIFS crashes if client passes an invalid session ID
985991: NRM: Numeric values on the bar chart are not displayed correctly with mouse hover on Internet Explorer 11
986000: NRM inventory report charts are not displayed properly for some options "LAST MODIFIED TIMES" and not displaying the "File Owner" on a scale setup
986113: After upgrading to OES 2015 SP1, NIT fails to work
986616: iManager Framework description still displays Patch 5. It is not updated to Patch 7
986647: On applying May 2016 Update, if DFS is enabled, Windows XP and Windows 2003 fail to connect to OES CIFS share with STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
990423: Null user login fails on OES2015/OES2015SP1 CIFS server