Change the size of the Description Field in the Ticket Information Screen

  • 7016591
  • 09-Jun-2015
  • 18-Nov-2020


Novell Service Desk 7.1
Novell Service Desk 7.2
Novell Service Desk 7.3
ZENworks Service Desk 8.2


In NSD v7.1, the Description field in "Ticket Information" screen is comparatively smaller than the previous versions.
If emails are big, it may take long to read them by scrolling down. 

In ZSD v8.2 that uses the new Angular coding, see additional notes below for other changes.


The area/size of the Description field can be changed by modifying the following file:

\Program Files\ServiceDesk\Server\webapps\LiveTime\WEB-INF\LiveTime.woa\Contents\Resources\RequestDescriptionPanel.wo\RequestDescriptionPanel.wod


 Appliance v6.x-v7.2

 Appliance v7.3 and above

Change the following:

Generic1: WOGenericContainer {
 elementName = "div";
 style = "width:99%;height: 300px;padding: 5px;overflow: auto;background: #ffffff;border: 1px solid #B2B8BD;border-left: 4px solid #B2B8BD;";

Changes are in block letters and underlined.

After the above change, restart NSD service as well as Tomcat6 in the server.

Additional Information

Also See TID 7016560 for additional changes.