Change the size of the Description Field in the Ticket Information Screen

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  • 04-Jun-2015
  • 12-Mar-2021


Novell Service Desk 7.1
Novell Service Desk 7.2
Novell Service Desk 7.3
ZENworks Service Desk 8.2


In NSD 7.x, the Description field in "Ticket Information" screen is comparatively smaller than the previous versions.
If customers' email are big, it may take long reading them by scrolling down.

In ZSD 8.2, has the new Angular coding
The Description field in "Ticket Information"screen is comparatively smaller and scrolling must be used.
If customer wishes to see the entire content w/o having to scroll or drag the field larger.

   Take a backup/snapshot of the files, system and database before any customization is done.
   Record what customization was done in the Corporate ZSD Documentation.
   Some File modifications may not carry forward for the subsequent Side-by-Side upgrades.
   Referenced Documentation in Additional Information.


The area/size of the Description field can be changed by modifying the following file:

\Program Files\ServiceDesk\Server\webapps\LiveTime\WEB-INF\LiveTime.woa\Contents\Resources\RequestDescriptionPanel.wo\RequestDescriptionPanel.wod


 Appliance v6.x-v7.2

 Appliance v7.3 -v8.1.x

Change the following:

Generic1: WOGenericContainer {
 elementName = "div";
 style = "width:99%;height: 300px;padding: 5px;overflow: auto;background: #ffffff;border: 1px solid #B2B8BD;border-left: 4px solid #B2B8BD;";

Changes are in block letters and underlined.

 Appliance v8.2
Change the Height as per the requirement (Default Height Given here)

- Login to Admin Portal
- Go to Setup > Customize > User Portal > CSS
- Scroll to the End and Paste the Following Code

 /* To Increase theheight in Non edit mode */
#requestsummary_leftpanel .description-box {
max-height: 20rem !important;

/* To Increase theheight in Edit mode */
#requestsummary_leftpanel .tox.tox-tinymce {
height: 500px !important;

- Save the Changes 
- Once Saved, Do Hard Refresh (Ctrl+F5)

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