Patch Policy Enforcement and Distribution time out after 60 minutes

  • 7016465
  • 02-May-2015
  • 03-Aug-2015


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3


Either enforcement or distribution of patch policies will end after 60 minutes when Patch Policy Enforcement Duration or Patch Policy Distribution Duration are unset.  

From zmd-messages.log:

[ZenworksWindowsService] [54] [] [Patch Module] [] [Bypassing patch, patch policy time is up: /Bundles/ZPM/Microsoft Corp./2014-May/MS14-023 Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013 32-Bit Edition (KB 2880463)-571776920] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent] 


This is fixed in version 11.4 - see KB 7016614 "ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP4 (11.4.0) - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at

Note: For most patch policies with limited number of patches, the timeout won't be reached.  But for larger patch policies with many patches, when no timeout is desired,

Workaround:  In ZCC / Configuration / Patch Management 

Set Patch Management Enforcement Settings and or Patch Management Distribution Settings to enable Restrict Duration.  Give it a large value for time so that even larger patches will not timeout.