Login script does not run in Citrix sessions

  • 7016295
  • 11-Mar-2015
  • 23-Mar-2015


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows
Citrix server


Users experience a slow "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider" on terminal server which can cause NCP connections to be cleared.

Users login using AutoAdminLogon to a remote desktop.

Novell client configured to use the 3rd party provider by enabling the "Login with Non-Novell Credential Provider" configuration (see TID 7004709).

Intermittently, the assigned login script(s) are not executed. Displaying the "Novell Connections" screen from the "Red N" System Tray icon shows that  there are no active connections.


Configure the following DWORD registry value:

Registry Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Authentication\NCCredProvider]
Registry Value: "Logon Session Grace Period Seconds"

Set the data for "Logon Session Grace Period Seconds" to the number of seconds during which the logon session is assumed to be valid.


The Novell Client uses Microsoft APIs to determine whether any prior Windows logon sessions are still valid, so that the NCP connections for a logged-off Windows user can be terminated. But in cases where "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider" is being used, these APIs may not yet reflect the fact that the Windows user is logged on in that terminal session. As a result, the Novell Client reaches incorrectly concludes that no Windows logon exists, and the login script does not execute.

Beginning with Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR3), the Novell Client includes a 60 second grace period in which any logon session involved in "Logon with non-Novell Credential Provider" would be assumed valid regardless of what the Windows APIs reported.  

In some cases, the Terminal Server logon is too slow to complete within the 60 second grace period, so additional time is required before the login process can proceed successfully.

Additional Information

Note that after the user logs out of the terminal session, their NCP connections will exist for a minimum of 60 seconds (or the value optionally set for "Logon Session Grace Period Seconds"), after their logout before they are cleared.