Enabling "Passive Mode Login" on Novell Client for Windows 7 / 8 / 10

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  • 21-Oct-2009
  • 20-Feb-2018


Novell Client 2
Client for Open Enterprise Server 2


How can the Client for OES 2 be configured to enable functionality similar to what "PasssiveModeNDSLogin" provides on the Novell Client for Windows XP/2003 client?
The goal of this configuration in the Windows 7/8/10 environment would be to use the Microsoft credential provider (instead of Novell Client's credential provider) for handling the Welcome screen logon user interface and performing a Windows-only authentication.  But then subsequently still use the Novell Client to automatically attempt logging into eDirectory based on the Windows account credentials that had been provided to the non-Novell credential provider.


Setting "Login with Third-Party Credential Provider" to "On" and "Client Logon" to "Off" achieves on Windows Windows 7/8/10 what the "PassiveModeNDSLogin" achieved on XP/2003.

Micro Focus system tray icon > Client Properties > Advanced Login tab > Login with Third-Party Credential Provider / Client Logon.

Additional Information

The "Login With Non-Novell Credential Provider" option should not be confused with the "Novell Logon" option.  The "Novell Logon" option is described as "Enable the Novell logon option when logging on to the computer."  Setting "Novell Logon" to "Off" stops the Novell Client from asserting Novell's credential provider as the default on the Windows machine, and permits the normal Microsoft credential provider to be used as the primary/default credential provider instead.
The "Login With Non-Novell Credential Provider" option is described as "This setting controls whether a Novell login will still be attempted after the Windows logon, in cases where the Novell Client's credential provider was not used during the Windows logon."  In any scenario where the Novell Client credential provider has been turned off via "Novell Logon", or has been more explicitly de-registered or filtered out though Windows-specific configurations or APIs, the "Login With Non-Novell Credential Provider" functionality intends to provide a "second chance" at automatically logging into eDirectory services, even though a Windows-only logon has already been successfully performed through a non-Novell Client credential provider.