Simple user GMS WebAdmin Interface displayed instead of full WebAdmin interface when user is both an admin and synced user

  • 7016212
  • 19-Feb-2015
  • 09-Mar-2015


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


User is a synced user in GMS.
User is also specified as an admin in /etc/datasync/configengine/configengine.xml in the <config><configengine><ldap><admins> section.
Logging into WebAdmin loads up the simplified user interface when it should prioritize the full administration interface.
Admin account is not prioritized over the simple GMS user account in the context of GMS WebAdmin.


Workaround: Login to WebAdmin with the local root account.

At the time of writing this TID, this issue has been fixed only in a patch file for GMS

To apply an FTF patch to GMS only:

  1. See TID 7015282  - How to install dsapp on a Mobility server.
    Note: Once dsapp is installed, proceed with the steps below.
  2. Launch dsapp | Register & Update | Apply FTF / Patch Files
    Note: FTP access must be permitted on this server to access this sub-menu.
  3. Select Fix interface for synced admin user - KB 7016212, Bug 918660
    Note: The patch file will be downloaded and applied and GMS services will be restarted appropriately.


GMS WebAdmin does not prioritize admin access over simple user access during authentication.

Additional Information

Manual steps to apply patch without dsapp (GMS only):

  1. From a terminal window, stop GMS:
    rcgms stop

  2. Rename / Backup existing file:
    cd /opt/novell/datasync/configengine/lib/configengine/
    mv "__init__.pyc" "__init__.pyc.bak"

  3. Download patch:

  4. Extract zip containing patch:

  5. Copy ownership and permissions appropriately from backup file:
    chmod -v --reference "__init__.pyc.bak" "__init__.pyc"
    chown -v --reference "__init__.pyc.bak" "__init__.pyc"

  6. Start GMS: rcgms start