Inconsistent count on Patched Not Patched hyper link.

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  • 17-Feb-2015
  • 04-Sep-2018


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11


Patch Management - Inconsistent report on Patched or Not Patched hyper link.
Clicking on the hyper link to show the device list does not match.
Note: Devices in the ZCC | Patch Management | Patches | Patched or Not Patched list hyper link are accurate. It is the link count that is off.


This is fixed in version ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3 - see KB 7023221 "ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3 update information and list of fixes" which can be found at 

For prior versions:  Contact Novell Technical Support for script to clean up orphaned data.


This issue has been attributed to deleted orphaned devices in the patchdevicestatus table.
In ZCM version 11.2.x, If reconciliation was turned off and "zac reg -g" was used this could cause the orphaned data.
ZCC | Configuration | Device Management | Registration | Reconcile Settings | Enable Reconciliation.
In 11.3.x You should not see this problem by enabling Reconciliation on registration.