How to create a self-signed certificate for GroupWise

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  • 12-Jun-2013
  • 02-Jul-2018


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How to create a self-signed certificate for GroupWise agents (SSL / TLS)


The steps listed below will generate a certificate that the GroupWise agents can use to communicate through SSL. Please make a directory that the agents will be able to access for these certificates (i.e. /root/certs). Open a terminal window and cd to this directory.

  1. Please follow one of the following to generate a self-signed certificate:

  2. To implement the certificate, please refer to the following options:

    • (WebAccess) Please refer to the following sources to implement SSL with GroupWise WebAccess on either Linux or Windows:
      • TID 7010584 - How to setup SSL certificate for apache (Linux)
    • (Agents) Configure the Agents to use SSL:

Additional Information

TID 7015502 - Common Mistakes in SSL Certificate Management & Implementation.
TID 7013103 - How to create a .pem File for SSL Certificate Installations.