Dashboard is blank in Mobility WebAdmin

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  • 25-Jul-2014
  • 25-Jul-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service


Mobility Monitor works after restarting GMS but after a few minutes, the information disappears
Datasync Dashboard is blank when there is a quotation mark in the user's first name, last name, or userid
Datasync Dashboard is blank when there is a " in the user's first name, last name, or userid
User that has a special character in the name is causing the Dashboard to stop working


  1. Log into the GMS Admin Console and select the Users tab
  2. Locate and delete the user with the quotation mark in the name

After deleting the user, the user cannot be re-added to Mobility or it will break the monitor again.  At the time of this writing, the only work-around for this issue is to archive the user's email, delete the GroupWise account, while keeping the eDirectory account.

In order to correct the problem for the user without breaking the Dashboard again, please follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the GroupWise client and log into the problem user's account
  2. Select all of the user's mail that is desired to be retained, right-click the emails and select archive
  3. Copy the archive to another location to have a backup, in case something happens to the archive
  4. Delete the GroupWise account and recreate with the same FID following the steps from TID 3801441
  5. Log back into the user's account, connect to the archive that was created earlier and unarchive the mail
  6. Re-add the user's account to Mobility


Reported to Engineering