How to create a GroupWise user with a specific File ID (FID) for accessing an archive, or restoring a deleted user.

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Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 6


How to create a GroupWise user with a specific File ID (FID) for accessing an archive, or restoring a deleted user.
How to restore deleted user with a specific FID
Recreate Deleted GroupWise user with a specific FID


You need to recreate a GroupWise account but you also need a specific FID so the user can open an archive or use a restore area and recover mail. In this case you need to create a user with the specific FID number. There are a few options to help you achieve this goal. You can Import the user with the correct FID by Importing them in to GroupWise. See TID How to import a user with their FID into GroupWise.

Or you can create the GroupWise user and before the user logs in to GroupWise modify the FID on the new user.

Follow these steps to create a new user with a specified FID number.

First you will need to create a new user account in GroupWise using any user name / user ID you choose. You may already have the NDS user account and do not have to delete this account but rather just add a GroupWise account to it. If the NDS user already has a GroupWise account you can either disassociate the GroupWise account from it of delete just the GroupWise account from the NDS user.

Do not log in to the account via the GroupWise client. Follow the steps below before allowing the user to log in to GroupWise in order to change the FID of the existing user to a specified FID

To change the FID for the user:

1. Open the properties of new GroupWise users account in ConsoleOne, click the arrow on the GroupWise tab and choose account, note the users current FID in the middle of the GroupWise account page. Click on the 'Page options' button in the lower left hand corner.

2. In the "Tabs and Pages" window expand the 'GroupWise' heading and choose Account. Highlight account and click the Disable button. Save the setting and exit the GroupWise users account by selectingOK/OK. This disables the GroupWise account Tab and moves the GroupWise information to the Other Tab where we later are able to modify the FID.

3. Close the GroupWise users account (Cancel or X) and then re-open it. Go to the Other Tab and the GroupWise attributes are listed as 'Leftover attributes that are not handled by custom pages'.

4. Click On the NGW: File ID attribute and Edit it to the specified FID / three unique characters / letters or numbers and then save by clicking ok.

5. Now go back in to the 'Page options' button in the lower left hand corner from step #1 and enable the GroupWise account options you previously disabled.

6. Close and re-open the GroupWise users account and note the FID on the GroupWise account tab has been changed to the FID you specified.

Additional Information

When the user logs in for the first time you may incounter error C067 or C05D if the user was not deleted completely.

The C05D and C067 errors are flip sides of the same coin. The C05D is always that the database in question is registered in the Guardian database but is not on disk. The C067 is always that the database in question is found on disk but is not registered in the guardian database. In both cases the POA is not able to resolve the problems on it's own so manual intervention is needed.

If you need to rename a GroupWise database always use .old (userxxx.old) rather the userxxxold.db. Renaming a file and using a .db extension will result in the file being adopted in to the ngwguard.db when a contents check is run therefor when renaming always insure the .db extension is removed.
If you encounter the following errors C067 or the C05D please see TID 10074228
This solution does not work for an External GroupWise Entity as NGW: FileID does not display in the Other tab. The external could be converted to a full NDS user with a GroupWise account temporarily to preform this step.

To edit the FID on an existing archive to be opened by a user with a different FID you may use the following tools: Archive FID editor - TID10014261

To restore mail for the user whos mail and or account was accidently deleted see TID How to set up a restore area

Formerly known as TID# 10098577