DNS Settings are Removed after Installing ZENworks 11.2.4 or 11 SP3 on Windows XP

  • 7015405
  • 22-Jul-2014
  • 22-Jul-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4 Imaging, Installation
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Imaging, Installation
Microsoft Windows XP


Installing the ZENworks agent on Microsoft Windows XP
Workstation is rebooted after the ZENworks install
Workstation can no longer communicate via DNS
Workstation DNS information is empty
Before installing the ZENworks agent, the Image Safe Data (ISD) is empty except that the Just Imaged flag is set to Yes


  1. Update the ZENworks servers to ZENworks 11.3.1. See TID 7015404 for more information on an issue associated with this one.
  2. Contact Novell Technical Support for the standaloneziswin.exe utility
  3. Do one of the following depending on the situation:
    • If the agent is being deployed via ZENworks Deployment, add the standaloneziswin.exe and this Pre-Deployment Command to the deployment: standaloneziswin.exe -c
    • If the agent is being deployed in another manner, the standaloneziswin.exe -c command will need to be pushed out via other third party means (login script, etc.).

NOTE: This will clear any and all Image Safe Data (ISD) on the device. This should only be used if the ISD information is no longer useful or valid.


The Just Imaged flag being set to Yes causes the ISD information to be written to the OS on the next reboot. This happens even if the ISD information is blank.

Additional Information

The Just Imaged flag setting was left over from a previous version of ZENworks that had been installed on the device. It is unknown why the Just Imaged flag was stuck this way. Since the old ZENworks system was gone, no further troubleshooting could be done to find the root cause.

See TID 7009050 for a more generic description of this problem.