How to troubleshoot syncing of the Work In Progress and /Drafts folder

  • 7015194
  • 16-Jun-2014
  • 16-Jun-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


Unable to sync Work In Progress (WIP) folder from GroupWise to the device's local Drafts folder.
Unable to sync the device's local Drafts folder to the GroupWise Work In Progress folder.
Problems syncing the Work In Progress and Drafts folder.


Note: At the time of writing this TID, iOS devices do not support this category of syncing.
For more details, please see TID 7015156 - iOS: Problems syncing the Work In Progress (WIP) and Drafts folder

If there is a problem seeing Work In Progress (WIP) items from the GroupWise Client sync down to android devices, verify the following:

  1. From the device, try opening the folder manually. Folders aren't typically synced by default on the device. This should request a sync with Mobility. Some devices allow configuring of sync options per folder.

  2. In Mobility WebAdmin, edit the user, then Edit the Mobile Device Settings, and make sure /Drafts is selected to Sync from the Folder Section.

  3. In Mobility WebAdmin, select/edit the user, expand the Folder List and scroll to the particular device and see the /Drafts count of the Pending Items vs the Synced Items.