FTF Roll Up 1 for ZENworks (11 SP3)

  • 7014960
  • 12-May-2014
  • 22-Aug-2014


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 11.3
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3
Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11.3
Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 11.3
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.3


FTF Roll Up 1 for ZENworks (11 SP3) is available at https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=6c6917CRv6U~

FTF Roll Up 1 for ZENworks (11 SP3) is a collection of patches for ZCM 11.3.0 or 11.3.0a, and is applicable on top of Win 8.1 update for 11.3.0 and Win 8.1 update for 11.3.0a.  FTF Roll Up 1 also includes Win 8.1 update for 11.3.0 and Win 8.1 update for 11.3.0a.  If installing FTF Roll Up 1 on ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.0 or 11.3.0a), the Win 8.1 update will be installed  as part of FRU1. 

This update is intended to be delivered as an easy-to-deploy, well-tested and focused set of fixes.  FRU Updates are designed to allow the deployment of important patches in-between product updates.

An FRU is provided as a zip file, which can be imported into an existing zone, and deployed to devices as required.  It is not available via the Novell Customer Center, nor is it shown if "Check for Updates" is performed (ZCC > Configuration > System Updates > Action > Check for Updates) because this is a set of patches, not a product update.

Important: If you have any HP Notebook 6540b devices with HP DriveGuard v4.2.2.1, for servers having versions prior to ZENworks (11 SP3) (11.3.0 and 11.3.0a), Win8.1 update for 11.3.0 and Win 8.1 update for 11.3.0a., see TID 7003532 ZCM11SP2 failed on HP Notebook 6540b with HP DriveGuard v4.2.2.1

For ZENworks 11 SP2 (11.2.4) servers, see TID 7006958 ZCM agent install fails on Windows XP with HP DriveGuard for details of an important patch which you MUST deploy before attempting to upgrade any existing devices.


BUG 873072 - Agent installed successfully but failed to register
BUG 866945 - Registration rule creation doesn't accept IP range
BUG 870101 - Bundles with a distribution scheduled as an event, such as device boot will never install after the device is rebooted
BUG 776194 - After some logins, bundles are not shown in the start menu or desktop
BUG 869634 - java.lang.NullPointerException on page Patch Policy Enforcement
BUG 841566 - Device boots into BSOD after agent uninstall and system update
BUG 872941 - Agent install/update not listing the server details in Z Icon and object in ZCC
BUG 863213 - TFTP replication is not honoring excluded IP addresses
BUG 862604 - ZCM 11.2.4 agent not handling 'Just Imaged' flag properly on Windows XP
BUG 866736 - ZISD not accessible to third party tools like ENGL
BUG 866898 - File and directory upload not working with double byte characters
BUG 868124 - Shortcut.vbs is missing after update from 11.2.4 to 11.3
BUG 828662 - Explorer.exe crash caused by Nalshell.dll on Windows 64-bit systems
BUG 850844 - During the system requirements re-evaluation by bundle manager, it should notify NAL, an item change, only for the bundles whose state has changed
BUG 875636 - ZCM defined system variables do not resolve after 11.3 upgrade in registry edit action
BUG 847623 - Nalwin bundle icons are missing after re-login
BUG 859870 - Bundles are not showing after re-login with requirements based on drive mappings
BUG 861627 - SMSC LAN7500 USB NIC card is not recognized
BUG 873942 - On ZCC 'table NC_DMI not found' error, on clicking newly added Bus Adapter hardware in inventory report
BUG 876952 - Zesfsmf driver fails to install properly, esm about box always shows reboot required
BUG 866833 - The patch KB 890830 can not be downloaded in 11.2.4 MU1
BUG 870799 - Patch policy enforcement settings not loading because of NullPointerException
BUG 871693 - Server side patches deployed by baseline uninstall after 999 days
BUG 867058 - Exceptions are seen in logs when a device object is deleted from ZCC
BUG 859131 - Lenovo X1 Carbon laptops do not wipe out the GPT partitions on restore
BUG 870808 - ZENRDPClient.exe missing on devices upgraded from 11.2.x
BUG 870024 - Core agent side patches deployed by baseline uninstall after 999 days
BUG 870700 - Bundles with schedule boot fail to install
BUG 870806 - ZesmUI.dll is missing on fresh install of 11.3.0_WIN8.1 agents
BUG 836790 - Cached credentials not authenticating user when disconnected
BUG 866135 - Explorer.exe crash caused by nalshell
BUG 876723 - Zenserversettings.sh and zenloadersettings.sh files not getting restored
BUG 875711 - ZESM about box always requires reboot - FDE reboot required waiting for driver
BUG 874915 - Agent with FDE and no ZESM, update to FRU 1 fails
BUG 873484 - ERI files not uploading to server if zone settings have ZESM uninstalled or disabled
BUG 874285 - Prerequisites check fails when agent updated using Disc & Deployment with suppress reboot and initiating update through SU will continue the installation
BUG 875330 - FDE upgrade fails when ZESM spoke is marked as disabled/uninstalled
BUG 875542 - Agent incorrectly applies NO FDE policy and decrypts drive

Additional Information

Known Issues

On Linux devices,the upgraded Novell ZENworks fileupload plug-in will not work if you do not uninstall the existing version of Novell ZENworks fileupload plug-in before installing or upgrading to the latest version.

System Update status is not accessible in ZENworks Control Center

While updating a server from ZENworks 11 SP3 to Windows 8.1 Update for ZENworks (11 SP3), during the Pre-global actions phase, the System Update deployment status is not accessible through ZENworks Control Center. This is because the ZENServer and ZENLoader services on this Primary Server are stopped during the Pre-global actions phase. 

Workaround: Allow the Pre-global actions phase to complete, and then re-log into ZENworks Control Center. The progress of the Pre-global actions can be monitored using the loadermessages. log file.