How to create a domain and gwia inside the DMZ

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  • 04-Mar-2014
  • 04-Mar-2014


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8


How to create a new Domain and GWIA on a new server in the DMZ.
Need to house GWIA in the DMZ.


  1. If you plan to administrate using ConsoleOne from another server not in the DMZ, please see the following steps to create proper shares so that this is possible:
    • Export the mail directory with NFS:
      Note: If these steps don't work, create the share using YaST | NFS Server. Make sure it has rw and no_root_squash in the options.
      • In order to export or share directory called /mail, you need to edit a file called /etc/exports. The file /etc/exports serves as the access control list for file systems which may be exported to NFS clients: Edit /etc/exports
      • Add config directive (update with proper local path to share):
        /mail *(rw,sync)
        Note: RW allows for both Read and Write requests, and sync will only reply to requests after the changes have been committed to stable storage.
      • Save and Close the file. Restart the nfs service:
        rcnfs restart
    • Setup the NFS client:
      • Mount the share on the server you will administrate the new domain and gwia from:
        mount -t nfs4 nfsserver-name-or-ip:/mail /mnt
        OR Launch YaST | NFS Client
        Note: This step will mount the directory from the server in the DMZ to the GroupWise Administration server, where configuration can occur with ConsoleOne. If there is connectivity issues or a problem accessing the share, verify proper configuration of the firewall.
  2. Now create a new Domain using ConsoleOne. See documentation for Creating a New Domain.
    Note: Use the mount path for the new domain directory. Make sure to create a directory there for the domain to be created in. Once the object has been created in ConsoleOne, the domain files are now in the directory. The GroupWise Agent Software can then be installed and configured to create an MTA on the DMZ server.

  3. See documentation for Installing the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA).
    Note: This can be done again using the share, provide newly created domain path for it to be created in. When ready, configure other domains to use this new GWIA as the default for it to become operational.

  4. See TID 7009520 for a list of ports used by GroupWise.
    Note: Proper configuration of the firewall is necessary.