Random failure to post Serial Number in registration request

  • 7014603
  • 21-Feb-2014
  • 21-Jul-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


Randomly, a Serial Number is not populated in the initial device registration request, causing failure of the device to reconcile based on Serial Number.  For this problem, the Serial Number is eventually populated by the collector.  This TID is not intended for situations where Serial Number is not found by the collector, only a random problem where it is found too late in the registration process.

ERROR (from zmd-messages.log):

[RegistrationManager] [] [Device SerialNumber is ] [] [] 

only later:

[RegistrationModule::SerialNumberInfo] [] [Retrieved cached serial Number : ABC99999]


This is fixed in version 11.3.1 - see KB 7015288 "ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.1 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at https:// www.novell.com/support/search.do?usemicrosite=true&searchString=7015288