ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.1 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 30-Jun-2014
  • 18-May-2015


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Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1) and Readme


Defects addressed:
882641    ZDC against zenworks database is reporting tables from Audit database as missing
874564    High Utilization at the DB and Slow ZCC login for administrator without SuperAdmin rights
705429    [MICROSOFT CASE - TRACK] User Group Policy not applying
869774    Disaster guide steps for cert remint are wrong
837681    HP Elitebook 900 uefi cannot PXE
874509    Customization on WinPE files gets destroyed/dropped when uploaded through ZCC
875142    Launch executable action not working correctly with env var specified in the action itself
815559    Linux satellite servers randomly stop authenticating users
875209    logonui.exe crashes
829801    Unable to complete content replicate to satellite servers
854699    USB connectivity policy is not enforced immediately after successful assignment.
862561    Global ZESM policies are not flowing down to a freshly imaged device
844137    System Update replication status incorrectly shows 100%
844156    System Update satellite replication status does not reach 100% unless you run 'zac cvc'
787152    Devices showing as "Unable to connect to the agent service through IP Address or DNS" in ZCC.
872100    Wrong user assignments apply on terminal server
819334    Location not detected properly when device receives zone wide non-ASCII char locations settings
838378    Upgrade from Zenworks 10.3 to Zenworks 11 SP2 fails Unable to upgrade database. Code : 9
828731    Multiple versions of kernel listed in packages for update bundle
831240    ZCM 11.2.3a Macintosh Bundle Create Directory failing
869744    Linux subscription bundle never becomes AVAILABLE on any primary server
857700    ZCM 11.2.4 Admin without rights can remote control Linux Server
880796    Unable to use 2nd partition as NTFS from USB flash drive created with ZENUsbcreator
869758    Imaging in UEFI mode seg faults in Dell OptiPlex 9020
879858    Restore of image fails in final stage - Not enough space in this mft record to accommodate extended mft data attribute extent
757135    Windows 7 Roaming Profiles fail - user is assigned a temporary profile or fails to log on
815471    Imaged device not able to register at first boot
863176    ZEN imaging PXE boot files fail to update to 11.2.4 MU1
852222    Agent on Linux Satellite hangs with too many open files errors
812808    ZCC Warning: "You cannot receive new updates because System Update entitlement has expired"
846438    TFTP replication fails
841455    Limited network connectivity with installed Personal Migration client
838455    SNMP discovery fails for non-English OS
843540    Device doesn't show NAL icons on Desktop
866980    ZCM 11.3 Update on Install in Command Line Interface (CLI) can't connect to MSSQL database to configure existing database
776346    ZCM 11.2.1 Executables launched with DAU interact with desktop, no "run hidden" option
871828    APPDATA variable resolves to the wrong path after the bundle is executed more than 2 times as a normal user
856713    FDE policy decrypts drive without warning
812837    Unable to passive single sign on using Kerberos authentication and smartcard
825468    Nalshell crashes due to UnregisteringEngineListener
834624    ZEN icon is randomly missing from system tray
851825    Offline ZCM login fails on devices upgraded directly from 10.3.1 to 11.2.4
852689    Unable to authenticate through Citrix client after upgrade to 11.2.4
859758    Blank Nal Window
870720    11.3 - User logged out after refresh, registerUser returned -34
852920    Image explorer does not correctly process large files
720185    Since 11.1 device assigned policies disappear on refresh
843685    Random failure to promote Auth Sat AuthServerConfigureException
846759    [iNHS] Services messages have multiple ConstraintViolationExceptions while satellites sync content
867327    ZDC does not check Audit db schema
858981    Puppet policies fail to enforce
818532    multi-threaded WOL Windows proxy
840948    Username with an apostrophe causes Bundle to Sqlite Error: 1
875230    11.3.1: can't control tray notification frequency
855373    AD User Source with German special characters stops user authentication
810986    Edit mask for purchased item doesn't pick up the correct expiration date
863675    Novell subscription download does not include 'glibc' packages for i686 arch
825334    Attempts to Update ZCC IP Restrictions breaks ZCC access
831614    Web Application Bundle - Test URL button does not resolve defined variable
871510    costCenter attribute not becoming available following documentation
883212    Documentation needs to be clarified re .NET 4.0 Framework vs Client Profile
870347    11.3 - Cannot create and / or edit Third-party imaging script when ZCC is running on other language then English
800523    Multicast not possible in separate VLAN
880965    Atheros AR8172/8176/8178 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Driver not recognized
866919    User needed to authenticate to AD user source must be entered in full CN during installation.
875773    Unable to use object "Last contact" with Jasper Report Server with MS SQL installed in French.
827851    System update 11.2.3 from 11.2.0 failing on imaging config files
810263    ZCC fails to open agent system update page having a custom message with a control type character
850932    No way of seeing that a Workstation Group is on the Dynamic Local User Included Workstations List
875029    11.3 - File modification date incorrect when files uploaded using File Upload Plugin
850038    Not possible to run LDAP inventory import against AD domain the FDN user name notation
757962    Bundle Environment Variables are not set in the user profile if "Dynamic Administrator" is used
837662    Linux bundle auto unpack feature doesn't recreate symbolic links
874127    Bundle assignment process fails to provide the full list of bundles assigned to device and user
874130    Bundle system requirements check fail - AppItem is null during Bundle Installed requirement evaluation
762045    CASA not storing credentials for Groupwise
846369    Not able to launch bundle from NALWIN with multiple screen configuration
802653    ZENworks imaging content repository not found
838787    Incorrect ip address in novell-zenimgweb.conf in a Satellite with Imaging role
864032    GPT partition table corrupted when booting in BIOS mode to PXE
818005    Manually running puppet command throws library exception on Red Hat
878891    Not able to change LDAP proxy user credentials
808791    Advanced security audit settings unsupported
870502    ZCM printer policy loses default printer setting on ZCM login
875190    Group Policy configuration doesn't show existing settings
836429    Unable to delete RPM packages for a specific bundle
873522    Documentation does not show how to change Database User or Database Password
839444    install file(s) Bundle Action builds empty directory structure when building a file path.
816755    novell-zislnx is deleting network configuration
824481    zenworksWindowsServices Agent Refreshes continuously
868302    random but frequent Wireless location when both wired and wireless are enabled
837332    11.2.3: MU1: zContent MetaVersion = 0 when content is located in content-repo
854246    zman throws link exception with shell-start-as-service
877394    W8.1 (and possibly FRU1 and 11.3.1) error inserting zzenobject on Oracle
842661    Unable to access the wireless NIC information in inventory of managed devices.
882490    after updating from ZCM 11.2.4 to ZCM 11.3, the first reboot hangs on "Starting Windows ... "
846264    11.3.1: Deselecting extra language does not remove .pls files from Server or Device, causing overhead.
830025    Patch: MU1 after fix for bug 821229 and resetpatch, bad patches not cleaned up
851187    lm.detection flagging needed patch as NOT_APPLICABLE.
872231    11.3.1: [CustomerLive] LOTS of exceptions in loader and services messages logs of CustomerLive primary server
872804    11.3.1: Patch management - receiving the same 'new patches' email daily
873069    Patch: Patch Policy is installing SQLServer2005ExpressSP4-KB 2463332-x86-ENU.exe over and over
881739    11.3.1: Need to include the latest LM.Detection.exe
822216    alt hostnames cache entry not repopulated by certmgr
852837    Devices receive the Closest Servers for the Unknown location even though the location was calculated correctly
862207    random failure to reconcile due to invalid null serialnumber
873536    Second try of W8.1 update does not check zen version for prereq - zone unstable after applied to 11.2.4
823246    ZCC - Device Hot List can't be reordered on message severity
831997    Quicktask dropdown scripts should allow sh for Linux/Mac OS type workstations
832756    Server updated to 11.2.3 does not hand out location information
859100    search too slow on device advanced content page
861331    Misspelling in ZCC
867387    novell-zenworks-configure Start/Stop/Restart must log all info to console
830722    Preceding spaces in a bundle display name are not visible in ZCC.
832993    Incorrect import of a previously exported reg file that contains expandable string values
848539    ZCC Administrator groups not shown in ZCC Administrator user summary
843610    Show Items number is not staying set for some sections in Configuration
849049    Unable to Reorder Bundle Assignment Order on Device Folder
859633    Bundles without Content Flagged on Satellite Servers as Unavailable
806649    Remote control fails with Firefox 3.5.3 on ZCM 11.2.2
810183    ZCM Bundles with date/time Launch Schedule work on first schedule, does not Launch on second or subsequent schedule
868506    RFE - Documentation BUG for 11.3
868996    ZAA : backrev to older ZCM client machine that is also using the Novell Client will fail because of CASA downgrade.
869289    Documentation -Remote viewer plugin fails to install on a terminal server/ Citrix
870635    need to document oracle SU/Install rights undo
870782    max heap configured < min heap during upgrade causing zenserver and zenloader to crash
872003    Wrong version of .NET Framework under Device Discovery Section of 11.3 Documentation
872531    ZCM 11.3 update failing on partioning on Oracle Enterprise db
873906    [Documentation]core agent side - patches deployed by baseline uninstall after 999 days
875698    Document for Support of Windows 2012 R2 is incomplete
857856    EFI command img pd removing wrong partitions
883428    Documentation for Customizing PBA Screen
824211    zenserverrerstore should not fail on clear ISD.
861759    Imaging Replication is Running when not scheduled and Replicating old Imaging Files
875309    Imaging third party system bundles deploy files that conflict with tftp replicated files.
768387    ZCC Asset Inventory Product search throws error if product name contains % character
842836    ZCC inventory information is incorrect when presenting multiple NICs in the same view
849081    Inventory and ZAM report rights not being assigned
870959    Disaster guide needs extra warning
872199    doc wrong about drive mounting for install
872943    1.2x Section Backing Up the Embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere Database on a Windows or Linux, wrong commando
880797    jmx agent fails after reminting certificates on primary
883765    Duplicate GUIDs on device registration, if agent is installed and uninstalled during device prep (before deployment)
786774    NALWIN /c not cleaning up caption with /s switch from registry
853320    Last folder in Nalwin is not saved if Nalwin is started with /S option
850956    ZCM imaging partitioning causes FDE Bluescreen
866506    Error 288 imaging on Fujitsu E751 notebook
772847    ZCM CPU counts not accurate in reports
861276    Jaspersoft ZENworks Server Statistics report shows not just ZCM servers
865634    ZCC does not display purchase records when logged in with the Administrator account
869740    ajax zcc logging may expose administrator passwords
875105    Unable to remove devices from ZCC
782754    GPO's do not apply - seems SID is being carried over from "old" workstation due to roaming profile
859897    Envronment variable is always resolved to User's variable even when the action runs in system context
881622    Since FRU1 Bundle Groups fail to launch on BootDevice schedule
792386    zenworks-tmp not cleaned up after creating bundles
816238    zman sus does not give useful information in the event of an error
834602    Alias does not retain case-sensitivity in workstation registration
835918    Checking ZENworks Configuration Management License re-enables all agent modules
856001    UpdateCDPSyncStateBatch error InternalDataModelException QuerySyntaxException: unexpected end of subtree
859123    Satellite cleanup error Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Prepared or callable statement has more than 2000 parameter markers.
863520    Third-party (tntfs.zip) replication is not replicating to satellite servers
866182    System Update Settings code times out
867816    zman related audit commandline are missing from the documentation
863139    image issues with partiitoning in 11.2.4
864876    WinPE.wim needs to be uploaded from the correct location
870139    doc indicates that 64 bit WAIK is supported
823307    Linux agent install fails to properly list when root requirement validation fails
838815    Hardware Inventory does not report Video details correctly.
852639    DVD-ROM type shows a special character instead of '+-' on Inventory page
861288    Contract email address field limited to 32 characters
862201    ZCC French language, not able to delete product local product from a merged list
875448    [Sybase][JDBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Cannot convert '<date>' to a timestamp
849335    need zac pr --forceApply
826173    Inconsistent results for search when drilling down through eDir User Source
867159    Update to ZCM 11.3 fails with timeout
865548    Missing from documention that Server Migration does include Patch Management configuration as well
866819    ZCM 11.3 media upgrade on Linux Primary fails if ISO is mounted to any directory under /root path
867154    misleading unclear doc on update appliance
868063    ZCM 11.3 Upgrade guide says to turn off UAC on 32-bit devices.
874064    supported platforms in one place
875670    misleading doc for audit db creation
817105    Mismatch in Suite component product in Inventory & ZAM
856367    ZCM inventory files are not processing on primary servers
878882    Office Components like Publisher and Powerpoint are not processed during full scan
849974    Hardware Inventory does not report Memory Type correctly .
850010    Hardware Inventory does not report Memory Form Factor and Socket Type correctly.
850069    Hardware Inventory does not report Memory type details correctly (Server Side Modifications)
850071    Hardware Inventory does not report Memory Formfactor details correctly (Server Side Modifications)
875552    Loginname is incorrect when gathered from WMI
842709    ZCC bundle status shows as Unknown
851875    zeninfo does not pick up zes event logs
864144    appmodule::AppList corrupt after cc/refresh/reboot
867098    rpm version remains the same in updates
868371    zenworksuninstaller failed to uninstall
874009    Percent sign % being expanded in registry bundles
875073    11.3.1: patch db field too small for large patches for 1024 char packageName field in db
878934    recurring/dailyschedule goes to next week instead of today/tomorrow
796032    Needing a zman command to trigger a content.cleanup.
831756    SystemUpdate Content Replication not following Content Config for Throttle and Duration
867814    Types of Audit Event mentioned that zman commandline are captured which is incorrect
871570    Section Troubleshooting Login Issues - Checking Certificates are incorrect
878019    Documentation for the use of the MRP switch with GPT imaging is not clear
838775    Incompatibility of Secude with GPT disks, causing crash
730394    Cannot launch bundles from NAL window in multi-display system that's not side-by-side
776708    ZCM Bundle or Printer Policy errors on AD user profile after existing RDP session merged with new RDP session (same SID) for ZCM login
821514    DLU with smartcard uses PIN for Windows user account
836483    msiexec 1603 on casa and authtoken msi's during System update
845373    crash in logonui
856445    Frequent Nalwin crash on Refresh - NalRedir!NalRedir.TaggedObjectList.get_Current() walked off the end of the "TaggedObjectList", thereby leading to an unhandled exception
858156    ZCM User Authentication fails when connecting via Xen Desktop 5.2
864461    Intermittently Icons Fail to Appear on Desktop/StartMenu until NALVIEW.exe is run
867094    ZCM agent lacks the option "Synchronize this Password with the Windows User Password" after ZCM agent is installed.
869606    RDP session to W2K8 & 2012 server crash when started from W7 device with 11.2.4 MU1 agent (not bug 826688)
880877    CLE fails to Navigate to the URL when ZENworks is installed on the machine
814846    [BUNDLE.SysReqError] [Error processing system requirements for bundle
858905    NCC page in ZCC does not come up
882535    high utilization in zenserver service due to deadlock thread
831576    SMB Printer is not installing silently
848115    Printers not installing during refresh.
865868    Local Auditing Settings Repeatedly Deleted from the PC by ZCM
870044    WinPE Maintenance Mode option is starting with wrong cfg file: winpe64.cfg instead of winpe.cfg
843360    Offline logins get stuck while processing policies for user post-login
845692    Remote session turns black on remoted device when logging out and then logging in as a different user
883432    Windows 8 unbootable after Upgrading to ZCM 11.3.0 FRU1
868228    Imaging Kernel fails to load on Lenovo x1 Carbon model 20A7
851474    zman fails to rotate its logs properly thus causing zman to stop working
867271    Error getting discovered product serial numbers: ORA-0092 table or view does not exist
831672    Imaging engine loading incorrect nic driver for HP Mini 2102
823504    Updated bundles does not launch on past due schedule
790379    System Update overwrites zman-config.properties
867320    Error during Audit db creation
865085    Bundles not shown on Start Menu
841932    hundreds of msiexec in use errors during Su (system update)
850515    satellite replication failed with UNIQUE KEY constraint
870201    frequent hang on zenwindowsservice in initialization thread
770839    System Chassis ZRS reports give incorrect information
875950    11.3.1: agent restart stops patch reboot countdown
787292    nrzviewer resource files are not loaded
826048    system update pastdue not launching SU
760749    ZCM Error 91 during image restore process
873904    Envronment variable is always resolved to User's variable even when the action runs in system context
875663    Bundle Environment Variables are not set in the user profile if "Dynamic Administrator" is used
751120    Copy Files bundle issues with DFS shares using dynamic administrator.
829571    11.2.3a zenlogin schedule fails to launch on every reboot when random refresh is enabled
871449    Registry Edit Action fails editing CurrentControlSet
812567    Discovery of a printer returns MAC=00000000000
830808    ZCM Third party app crashes with long file names in IE 8 temp folder when using NAL bundle
849829    Find a proper documented way to apply the group policy ie settings
869545    misleading doc for audit db creation
828769    User Authentication Failed
869933    IgnorePrezenworksSecuritySettings not working as expected
Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule" option doesn't work of Patch Policy Enforcement Settings
863996 - The patch is installed again and again which is assigned in the patch policy on mac agent when setting the Patch Policy Enforcement application time as 'Recurring > Refreshed' 

Additional Information

See the update readme  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=msTorBwk3EA~ for compatibility, new features, reboot behavior and known limitations.

System Requirements:
ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP3 or higher. After downloading the zip file, it is strongly recommended that you compare the MD5 checksum for the file with the one shown on the Novell Downloads page, before attempting to deploy.

Do not deploy this update until all Primary Servers and Satellites in the zone have been upgraded to ZENworks 11 SP3. 

This update requires schema changes to be made to the database. As such, only one primary server should have its services running during the initial patch installation so that other primaries are not trying to access the tables being changed in the database. 

After the first Master Primary or dedicated server has been updated, the remaining servers can restart their services and apply the update simultaneously.

For agents that are ZENworks 10.3.4 or later, this update is cumulative and when deployed will update the agents directly to the Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1).

Importing the Update
Download ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip from this update.
  1. Copy the zip file to one of the ZENworks servers in the Zone. (if System Update is configured to use a “Dedicated System Update Server”, use this server for the import). Do not unzip the file.

    For example:
    On Linux, copy the zip file t
    o /tmp
    On Windows, copy the zip file to %ZENWORKS_HOME%

  2. Using a command prompt on the ZENworks server where you copied the zip file in step 1, run the command
    zman sui
    [path to zip file]
    For details, run the command
    zman sui --help

    For example on Windows:
    zman sui "C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip"
    For example on Linux:
    zman sui /tmp/ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip

  3. The zman sui command should report: "The update(s) contained in "[path to file]" ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip will begin importing shortly. You may use ZCC to track the status of your import".
  4. In ZENworks Control Center, navigate to Configuration > System Updates and monitor the status of "Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1)", until it shows "Downloaded"
  5. After the Update is imported, it needs to replicate to all content servers.  This replication can be tracked by navigating to Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1)> Replication Status.
  6. Continue Deployment AFTER replication is 100% on all content servers.