SecureLogin acts twice on web page

  • 7011600
  • 09-Jan-2013
  • 17-Nov-2017


NetIQ SecureLogin 7.0.x
NetIQ SecureLogin 8.x

Web based Application

Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11


User receives two prompts for credentials if SecureLogin has not already captured them.
"MesageBox" at top of script appears twice.
SecureLogin acts twice on web pages in IE.


Check the registry setting for IESSOBHO.  If it is set to 0, either set it to 1 or make sure that IESSOObjClass and/ or IESSOObj64Class have been disabled in IE Tools, Manage add ons.

      HKLM\SOFTWARE\Protocom\SecureLogin  DWORD  IESSOBHO

     1 Default value: SecureLogin works through the BHO interface
  0 Integrate with the IE process instead.

Additional Information

 SecureLogin has three options for providing single sign on to web pages in Internet Explorer (the third was added with NSL 8.5), namely:

1.  Set IESSOBHO to 1 and interface with IE through the SecureLogin IE add-on, IESSOObjClass (or IESSOObj64Class in 64 bit installations).  This is the default.

2. Set IESSOBHO to 0 and integrate directly with IE through the SecureLogin Windows process (slwinsso.exe).  This option is typically chosen in environments that do not allow the addition of IE add-ons.  

3.  Set IESSOBHO to to integrate with embedded browsers while the SecureLogin IE add on is enabled.  SecureLogin works through the BHO interface for iexplore.exe but through the windows process if application name is different (Embedded browsers).

If IESSOBHO is set to 0 AND the IESSOObjClass add on is active, SecureLogin will attempt to do BOTH of the above. This will result in SecureLogin acting twice on every sso enabled webpage.  Besides the annoyance of seeing two prompts when SecureLogin needs credentials, this can cause also slow performance or even cause utilization problems, as documented in TID 7011260.